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The God inside the game and the real me

I came up with quite a few long sentences. If the IA is able to understand even a tenth part of it, then I’ll admit that this is the god of the games, but I really wonder if it will be able?

『Hear me out people who escaped from a narrow death, I’m the God of Fate. You have been able to escape from the pursuit of monsters by none other than my miracle. From now on, I will grant you all an oracle only once a day with the hope you can live healthy in accordance with my orders. First, cut down the trees and secure a place to live』

I talked like some bigshot, but I’m a God, so it should be fine. I believe I didn’t mistype anything.

Even though I ended writing the sentence seriously, it’s not like they will understand the content of the sentence,

While laughing sarcastically at my own naivety I pressed 『Enter』

『Everyone! There’s an oracle from the God of Fate in the bible』

The priest, Chem, who is clearly exaggerating is surprised.

Everyone looks at the bible at once. I wonder what kind of reaction you all will show me now?

『Umー I’m sorry. Neither Carol and I can’t read』

Laila raises her hand in shame while Carol stretches her arm cheerfully.

『I can recognize simple characters, but hard ones are impossible. Could you read for us, Chem?』

『But, brother you know how to… Okay. Then, I’ll read it』

If I were to guess from their conversation, the literacy rate of this world is not high.

From the way Gams talks, it seems like he really knows how to read, but as to not embarrass Laila and the others he pretended to be bad at it.

This Gams is an untalkative but attentive guy.

Even though he was only a target of my envy, his likeability rose a little.

Even so, the production of this game is very detailed. That’s why I feel that the tempo is a little off, but I don’t dislike human interactions.

After taking a deep breath, Chem speaks exactly what I typed.

Well, it’s not that difficult since she is reciting just what I wrote. The problem starts after that.

『So it was God who saved us!? He has even pointed us the way…』

『Thank you, God!』

Even the couple overwhelmed with emotion fell on their knees and began to pray to heaven.

Unaware of the situation, Carol just laughs. On the other side, Gams lowered his head to pray in silence without changing his expression.

「…You’re kidding」

They move and act as if they had completely understood the content of the writing.

「Hey hey, really? How can a character understand and opine by themselves? This is unbelievable. Isn’t this technology decades ahead?」

The latest PCs and smartphones have an AI capable of understanding words, however, they are only able to understand simple commands or words.

They simply don’t have the ability to understand complex and long sentences. It may be that this is one of the preprogrammed behavioral patterns.

『The God of Fate wants us to secure w

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