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Chapter 4 (2/2): Destroying the Peace and Lack ofCash

“The villagers and I could only rely on Gamz. We need a little more manpower.”

In the first place, making a village with five people is unreasonable.

I know that If I use fate points, I can call more people to the village.

But the cost to do so is wayyy too high.

Different amount of points are consumed for different people: merchants, warriors, archers, villagers, woodworkers, etc… The ones who can be called has a wide variety of occupations.

Also, there is an item that is surprisingly cheap, it’s called “Personel Loot Box” but it has various problems as it is completely dependent on luck. What if a criminal comes to the village, then will the village be done for?

Such a game element is a bottomless swamp. I have decided to never put my hands on it.

And even if the number of people increased, you can’t force any more people to sleep inside the carriage. And even if they can manage somehow, it would still be a terrible place to sleep.

“A Housing Crisis!”

If I pour all the money I earned today and call some carpenters here, then they might be able to build a house a little faster.

Dozens of logs are lined up in the vacant plots of land. Five of them are debarked. Gamz is in charge of cutting down the trees, and the processing is done by Lodis.

I want a familiar and I also want stable residences.

However, I feel like it is better to save fate points for emergency situations.

“Oh man, I am really troubled by this game”

I scratched my head, but my thoughts has yet to settle.

“Should I use all my points tomorrow?”

There hasn’t been an emergency situation so far, so I may not need to be worried.

Because the fate points will increase tomorrow.

I can’t help but see Gamz just sitting in front of a bonfire, he seems to be really sleepy, but he cannot afford to sleep in this situation.


A strange sound was emitted from the speaker.

If you look carefully, you will see a large “Attack” in red color on the screen.

“What is this?”

I grabbed both ends of the screen and brought it closer to my face. Gamz suddenly got up with his weapons.

“Everyone, wake up!!”

When Gamz shouted loudly, the villagers came out of the carriage.

“What happened, big brother?”

“A monster attack! Everyone get ready to defend yourselves and stay inside! Chem, you too! “

“But I can fight too …”

“No! Only you can use the healing magic so stay inside.”

Chem returned to the carriage whispering something to herself.

The inside of the carriage is not visible, but the Lodis family is surely trembling due to fear.

As he strolled around the area, the fog of war is lifted somewhate, but since it is late at night, nothing is clearly visible when leaving the bonfire.

Two black dogs appeared from the darkness.

“Is it some wild dogs or monsters …?”

I click on a black dog by operating the mouse.


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