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Chapter 4 (1/2): Destroying the Peace and Lack ofCash

When I got back home, mother was watching TV in the living room.

“Oh, you bought it? Thank you.”

“Everyone has money”

It was hard to meet the eyes of my grinning mother, so I quickly pushed her the pudding and returned to my room.

What am I shy about? Is it not good for a human to do some decent thing. I cursed myself.

“What am I doing?”

He slapped his face with the palms of his hands and sat in front of his PC.

The villagers were doing fine. I read the magazines and technical books that I bought.

”Actually, I want to perform a miracle immediately, but I can’t waste cash and points. I need to watch the villagers’ lives a little more and find out what they really need.”

Thus, I can spend some time studying while they are working. So that I can help them a little.

It seems that I was quite enthusiastic and now the sun was about to set.

The villagers are preparing dinner.

I read the conversation log that I missed, and while browsing villagers’ past conversation, I discovered something.

“It was a short conversation between Lodis and Gamz, but I hope Gamz becomes more sociable.”

I don’t hate it, as a man who is the embodiment of unsociable, but it seems a little pitiful because Lodis is a talkative guy.

“What did Laila, Chem, and Carol talked about?”

There was a little hesitation to listening women’s conversations, but this is also to fulfill the villagers’ wishes. ……I convinced myself with that and checked the log.

It was just everyday conversations, but sometimes you can get important information about this world from some small remarks. I could understand the situation of the villagers to some extent.

“I wonder why the flock of monsters attacked the village. That day, it was unusual. The villagers quickly … ”

That day? That was the keyword I was interested in, but the only way to ask them is to use the oracle. Should I use the oracle for such a small question?

“It was not a small village. The stone walls surrounding the village were excellent and should have been more sturdy than other villages. In addition, there were some hunters like my brother, but still…. ”

“Uncle and Aunt, how are you?”

“The forest is really dangerous and the wheels of their carriage is at its limit. “

I checked the conversation logs of the these three people and collected some more information.

It seems that there were hundreds of villagers in their village and it was a medium sized village for this world.

A group of monsters attacked it and they tried to resist, but they were deceived and other villagers escaped for their lives. It seems that there were some people who ran away in their carriage, but they noticed the fact quite late.

They had to enter the forest to escape the monsters, but they have no future plans and the carriage is at its limit. So it is getting difficult to move over large distances.

I s

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