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Chapter 5 (1/2): Wandering Villagers andMe

“Oh no! Gamz!!!”

“Brother!! Oh! Why has your body become so cold … Brother!!

Chem started to panic while clinging to Gamz.

Listening to her voice, Lodis rushed to her.

“Chem, calm down. There his pulse is still stable, although it seems that the body temperature has dropped drastically. His complexion is also bad … There is a wound on his arm. This color …”

Lodis, who was staring closely at the dead black dog, seriously said…

“It looks like poison. Can you use detoxification magic?”

“I cannot … Oh, isn’t there any antidote medicine in storage?

“I’m sorry….”

Lodis shakes his head. Lyra is embracing Carol tightly.

Chem is crying while holding his brother’s hand after realizing that nothing can be done to save him.

“Well, what should I do? If Gamz dies today then it will be the end of everything…. the future will become really uncertain”

Even though I know that it is a game, my heart begins to tremble just by looking at the characters’ line and animation.

If I didn’t know that it was the voice of an actor then I might have really believed that someone is dying.

“God! Please save my brother! I will do anything! So, brother… Please … I will do anything……”

She cannot complete her sentences anymore.

Under the moonless night, a young girl grieves.


The villagers are in so much trouble. Please do something God.

God? Wait isn’t that me?

Only a miracle can be used to overcome this situation.

I accessed the list where the fate points can be used.

I scrolled through the miracles from top to bottom.

The miracle “Traveling Pharmacist” might be effective.

However, there is no guarantee that he will come immediately when it is activated.

“But I can’t abandon him. If there is a possibility, I can only bet on it! I choose this miracle!!”

I screamed while slamming my fists.

“Why are you so noisy!?”

My mother shouted as the the voice reached the lower floor.

Usually when my mother complains or shout, I kick the wall and fight back but today I can’t even hear her.

If a pharmacist arrives right away, wouldn’t it be suspicious, as if he was already waiting for this situation? Currently….It is already over midnight?”

I pressed enter and waited patiently.

“Brother, please say something Brother … ”

“Hello there, did something happened here?”

Suddenly, a voice of a third party was heard. The villagers looked back all at once, a young man stood across the fire.

A beautiful young man with a thin waist that looks so pretty as if he was a woman.

He has a rather androgynous face but I am confident that he is a man.

He is wearing a hooded coat with a large pack on his back. This is probably a pharmacist because there are number of herb bundles hanging around his waist.

“Who are you?”

Chem tightly hold her brother.

Lodis also stands in front of his family, picking up Gam

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