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Chapter 12 (2/2): Suspicious Person And My MusclePain



It was impossible for me to stay at the dinner table any longer so I quickly went back to my room.

There was still the muscle pain in my body, I wanted to sleep a little but then decided to sit in front of the pc to watch the villagers.

“If I didn’t notice Murus behavior then it would have been seriously scary.”

Normally, I would not pay much attention but now I need to concentrate on watching the villagers because I have to keep an eye on Murus. He might change his mind and harm the villagers.

It is possible to scare him by mentioning in the oracle that the villagers are protected by God of Fate and he is being watched. I have to think of something which should not sound suspicious to the villagers and the message should be only understood by Murus.

It’s not easy to maintain the dignity of God. For now, I can assume that there is no change in the manpower of the village.

I completed the text for the oracle and got ready.

The villagers had gathered together after finishing their lunch, the timing was perfect.

“Muh …Everyone! It is today’s oracle”

Chem swallowed the food which she was chewing in her mouth and informed everyone.

Oh, Sorry. So you haven’t finished eating?

“I’m worried about the Temptation of The Evil God at the end of the month but I believe you all can overcome it. I can also provide a little assistance with the power of miracles. Do not forget that you are under my blessing. If anyone tries to do harm to you then beware the judgment of the God of Fate. Do not forget…… “

I didn’t miss out the change in Murus’ expression after hearing the oracle.

His expression was distorted and showed impatience and fear for a moment but returned back to calm stare in an instant, as if there wasn’t a change in his expression in the first place.

“If we get the help of God then we might be able to overcome it somehow but you all should know what we should do. God really hates lazy people. “

Gamz words pierced straight through me.

Although I wanted to be lazy, I will be too ashamed to be worshiped as their god so I should probably stop thinking like that.

…… Anyway, I think this should take care of Murus problem for now. I can concentrate on the countermeasures against the temptation of the evil god.

After that, I should probably work hard to collect money to buy the necessary fate points.

Oh..I forgot about the parcel. It was kept at the corner of the room, probably when I was sleeping.

When I checked the contents, I found a round stone.

“So Carol? Haha, you’ve chosen this.”

I picked up the stone and started examining it, my cheeks have already loosened to make a smile.

The villagers think they can give tribute to me only once a day but actually it is not so. In fact, they can send me tribute twice a day.

But every day Carol imitates adults and sends me so

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