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Chapter 13 (2/2): I Didnt Know That My Father Was Worried AboutMe



As expected, the screen darkened and the previous view was replaced.

It seems to be a cross-sectional top down view of the house, ignoring the presence of the roof, it’s not surprising but the house is modern.

The entrance to the bath room and kitchen attached to the living room, it’s a Japanese styled room.

“Actually, when I carefully look at it…Isn’t this … my house?…”

No matter how I look at it, this is definitely my house.

I never had the opportunity to look at the top down view of the house so I got confused for a moment but I can never mistake the house in which I was living in for thirty years.

It possible for the former security guards to make a mistake…..but not me.

There is one person in the bathroom and two in the living room.

Is my sister taking a bath? If this is a reality, then I will be killed. I won;t look at it just in case.

So the ones in the living room are my father and mother? It looks like a continuation video after I went upstairs.

“… Is this a dream?”

Since I was thinking about the story about my parents… so this appeared in my dreams?

If this is just a dream then I could hear their conversation.

When I move the cursor to my parents, their conversation is displayed.

“Stop mentioning that in front of your son”

“That’s not a good idea. His father remembered the wedding anniversary for the first time in 10 years and gave me a present. I want him to know it.”

”It would be embarrassing for the kids to know about the bad qualities of their parents.”

It’s good because it’s just a dream.

“I’m honored that you are pleased. I’m sorry for the last 10 years. My heart was always worried and feeling lost.”

“You longer laughed from that day. Were you worried about Yoshio? ”


Did you see that… I knew it was a dream, but still hearing my father say this, something pierced through my heart.

In the past, before I became a NEET… I was a very calm person.

Although I wasn’t good at many things but still I did my best for everything. I was always overwhelmed by the parent-child relay of the athletic meet. I always used to participate with my father.

…… Why did I forget such a thing?

I’ve always thought my father was like this. No, what were you thinking?

I didn’t want to admit that my family’s atmosphere had deteriorated because of me so I unconsciously changed my memories for my convenience.

………… I am a little amazed at myself. As this is a dream, it should be harder to think objectively.

“Because Yoshio has found a job now, his expression has become a lot brighter.”

“That’s really good. … I’ve always wanted to apologize to Yoshio since that day”


I was stunned by my father’s remarks.

I checked the words again but it doesn’t seem to be a mistake in reading on my part.

Dad wanted to apologize

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