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Chapter 17: I Am At ALoss

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi

Listening to the sound of Gams sneaking up from the fence.

A black dog gradually approaches the fence.

Suddenly, all 5 monsters are pointing their fangs at Gams. Now he had to deal with double the number of monsters which he had earlier fought.

If the black dogs doesn’t had the jumping ability then it was possible to give up and turn back.

While observing the movements of the enemy, one of the back dogs surveyed the area and went back few steps.

Does he intend to take a run-up and then jump?

When the black dog tried to to jump over the fence it was pierced with the tip of the spear.

Of course it was Gams who did it.

There are small holes between the fences. Gams who was watching carefully stocked out the speak at a perfect timing.

Since the direction cannot be changed in the mid air so it was an easy target.

By the way, it was me who cave the advice about these holes.

He shakes of the black dog from the spear and it falls on the other side of the fence.

When I was wondering what to do about the corpse, the other four balck dogs consumed it at once in the blink of an eye

I thought there would be violence but so much…

The black dogs after devouring their companion moved away from the fence.

I have an ominous feeling.

All the four black dogs start running at once as if to affirm my words.

One of them can be handled but four is impossible.

When they jumped over the fence, Gams using his two swords pierced two of the black dogs in the air but allowed the other to enter the fence.

Instantly throwing away the spear and pulling the two swords and after slashing one of the unprepared ones and tear the throat of the other when turning back.

I kew he was strong but he was stronger than I expected.

It was a wonderful battle that I couldn’t help but admire.

At that time his movements were restricted due the villagers behind him. But now he can move freely.

I might not need to use the golem.

The strength of Gams was impressive.

Several hours have passed since then.

I noted down the number and type of enemies. I noticed that there was a pattern.

The enemies appeared exactly after an hour or hurry minutes after the annihilation of previous wave. In addition, the latter has a more number of enemies. So far no monster has appeared alone.

If you think of it as a game, then it’s common phenomenon. I think it’s random monsters which appear after the fixed time interval during the Temptation of the Evil God.

At first only black dogs appeared but after two hours wild board also started appearing.

I have seen then several times as they were hunted by the villagers several times and the meat was sent to my house.

The wild board to seem have more defensive capability than the black dogs and hence there are more troublesome as they will rush into the fence and if you don’t sto

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