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Chapter 12 (1/2): Suspicious Person And My MusclePain



It was already noon when I woke up the next day.

It was a normal wakeup time for me a while ago but now its unusual.

My body seemed exhausted from all the night-time work and therefore I didn’t know when I fell asleep.

“No, No … Ahhhh”

I tried stretched my arms and thigh but then their inside starting violently aching.

This is definitely muscle pain.

My whole body is going numb specially my thighs. Muscle training stimulates the untrained muscles by walking and standing just like a new born baby.

Somehow despite my current state, I managed to sit down on the chair in front of the PC to checkout the villagers.

It looked like their normal daily routine.

“Now, lets see if something happened before I woke up.”

I checked the conversations log up to now, there wasn’t any change in particular but wait….what is this?

There was a character with a meaningful whisper.

Someone was talking alone in the early morning when no one was awake.

I carefully checked out the conversations of the person in question.

“There are no suspicious movements so far. They are just refugees. Yes, the risk is very low. I’ll come back after scouting some more. ”

Talking as if communicating with someone.

If I can see the video then it would be more clear but unfortunately I can only read the conversations.

“Even if we don’t do anything, they will be destroyed by the Temptation of the Evil God. The humans and filthy dwarves who used to live in this place have already been annihilated. ”

This was an important remark now.

So Humans and Dwarves used to live in this current residence.

Dwarf is a very familiar race from the fantasy genre. They are shorter than humans. They have long beards and are muscular. The standard setting are that they are dexterous and good at smithing.

So there are Dwarves in this game? They seem to be another major race. Will we meet them someday?

“The only thing that is troubling me is that they are blessed by God of Destiny. If we do something like this then we might invite the wrath of God. So, as I said earlier, we should be on the lookout without interfering. ……Yes. Understood. We will judge those who have entered our sanctuary.”

These are the only contents of the conversation but the information so far is sufficient enough to know who said it even though I dont understand the exact details.

It’s Murus.

There is only one person who is watching and doesn’t have the villagers identity.

I thought he was a reliable pharmacist but you came for this? I wasnt convinced that so little fate points were needed to summon such a rare talent but now I understand.

So the story is something like…He is living in this forest with his family but he is wary of the sudden appearance of the villagers.

The only thing you can rest assured is that he doesnt seem to have

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