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Chapter 18: Desperate Determination And DesperateMe

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi

Until now there were only two types of monsters but now there is a demon with green skin which has appeared for the first time. Is it the monster which attacked the carriage at the opening of the game?

I moved the cursor and clicked on it. Green Demon is displayed. It seems that’s not the case.

The intelligence of this monster seems be above the previous ones. So far this is the only human type monster with and it can break the pointed stakes on the fences using it’s club.

If it is destroyed then there will be no way to prevent the monsters from entering the cave.

The wild boars collide with the wall at once and the logs fly away from the soil.

While the huge logs are flying away in the air, the monsters charge at Gams.

Gams throws the spear penetrating a green Demon, but his body is sent flying away due to the collision with the wild boar that jumped towards him.


Chem peeked through the entrance of the cave. She is worried about her brother but she is powerless to do anything.

She is witnessing the worst scene in her life. She is chanting her brother’s name while crying.

Lodis and Laila clung to the body of Chem who is about to jump out into the middle of monster horde.

“You need not do that. Miracle activate Golem Summon”

I clicked the Golem Summon in the miracles which was opened in advance.

White dazzling light appears and the screen changes to a first person view.

The scene is inside the cave. The Lodis family and Chem are facing him and their mouths are wide open with goofy expression. Am I looking from a slightly higher position?

They must be surprised due the sudden appearance of the Golem. I would like to examine the movements in various ways but I don’t have the time for it.

So this is the screen from the perspective of the Golem. I don’t have time to test drive it.

I grabbed the gamepad which was prepared Ina advance. The method to operate is written on the right side of the screen. This is like some melee close battle action game.

I jumped over the altar under the feet and grabbed a weapon.

When I dashed, my frets were faster than I thought. Is the Golem system agile even though it has an image of slow motion?

I shakes the sword while running. I can manipulate the sword as I imagined. This is good.

The height of the Golem is slightly higher than Gams estimated from my viewpoint. I thought that the Golem would have a more larger body but it is like this.

Well I am grateful that it is close to a game which I am used to playing.

When I jumped out from the cave, Chem was standing near the entrance.

“God of Fate..”

I heard a whispering voice.

The golem might be emitting a god like aura which at a glance gives the impression of a God. It’s just my speculation because I can’t see it myself.

When I jumped out, Gams was s

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