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Chapter 52 (2/2): Salesman

It was a right guess? I will try not to say too much.

I wonder if the appearance of the Green Demon was disturbed. Suddently it disappeared and instead there was now a man standing at that spot.

A middle-aged man in a worn out suit, the hairs on his head are considerably sparse. In a nutshell, he looks like a dull office worker who seems to be present everywhere.

“He’s taller for a green demon. I saw it in the game that its was a lot shorter.”

The weaknesses is likely that the hallucinations or transformation have to fit his physical body.

If one doesn’t wrap themselves in the hallucinations then you will see the body.

The green demon was just as tall as a human child. Obviously the physique was too good.

And that was not the only thing which I noticed.

Good speech. Words are difficult to pronounce for the people from the game world. You can figure it out by looking at Carol.

I also suspected that the words were getting automatically translated from the another world but when I asked Carol, she said,”I can’t understand it.” Then I got certain that he was speaking Japanese.

Well, that was one of the possibilities. I was considering other possibilities as well if it turned out to be wrong.

“Sigh~ I can’t help but ask you. Will you sell the Bible?”

There was a resigned expression attached to his face and his tone has changed to that of a salesman.

“Weren’t you going to force me to give it?”

“If I can get it for free then I will make more money. That’s why it’s preferable. But if that isn’t possible then we should negotiate in a mutually profitable way.”

There seems to be no danger to me but I feel that this is going to be troublesome.

Lets be careful.

“By the way, how much do you plan to split?”

“Well, how about half the price, 5 million?”

In other words, you can sell it for 10 million. It means that the bandman did not lie and the middle-aged office worker did not have the money.

“You have been NEET for a long time, so you must need money.”

“You know that I was a NEET?”

“Yes, of course. I also gathered information in the neighborhood while I was doign business. I never imagined that you would be so active that you would travel to Hokkaido with a foreign child.”

Spying in the neighborhood…Did he do that?

It was without a doubt a good thing that I made a quick decision and left home early.

The only reassuring thing is that they don’t seem to know about Carol. If they knew that she used to live in another world, what would they do?

“I’m in trouble with money. I’ve always had a hard time playing games and gambling, and before I noticed, I had a mountain of debt. My wife and daughter left home frightened. I do the job just to pay back the debt. It’s like I’m living just for the sake of that. Fortunately, I’ve been lucky. If I make money in this game and sell your Bible as an extra bonus, I can pay off my debt right no

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