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Chapter 56 (1/2): The Last Supper

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi

I am relaxing in a hotel room.

The weather has suddenly became worse and my vision became completely white so I decided to rush to a nearby hotel and stay overnight.

It is possible to stop the snow if I conrol the weather with the power of miracle but its impossible to cover the enite path as the range is fixed.

Well thats good, Rather than that, solving serious problems should be my top priority.

In a room with two semi-double beds is me, Carol, Destiny….. and Seri Shinsei.

“Excuse me. Why are you in the same room with us?”

“Its possible to save money so why not?”

Miss Seri is making a point.

Its usually hard to travel in heavy snow but players use power of miracles so its no wonder that they follow unusual ways.

…But when I see her sitting on bed and holding Carol with a sloppy face, I lose my convincing power.

“I just want to sleep with Carol, right?”


With a innocent smile like that of a child, she admits it.

If Carol didnt liked it, I would have stopped it but she looks to be having fun. Is it okay to leave her alone?

I would be nervous if I was alone with an adult woman in a private room but there is Destiny in addition to Carol. Its isnt strange….I believe in my self control.

“There seems to be a large public bath here so lets go together, Carol-chan.”

“Big bath! Go go!”

Carol jumps up and down and expresses her joy with her whole body.

I know that indoor bath guards against evil spirits but I wonder how many people can stop her after seeing her joy. [1]

“… Then let’s have a bath and a meal first.”

It was dark as evening due to the snowstorm earlier but now its really evening.

Lets warm our cold body and have dinner. Since I have come to Hokkaido, I want to eat fresh sea food.

Of course, in the large public bath, men and women are separated. Carol and Seri enter the dressing room.

I told them to call out aloud if something happens.

Its a huge dressing room but unfortunately there are no other customers here.

Before locking the locker where I put my taken off clothes, I check the bag which I thrown it with.

When I open the zipper, Destiny shows up its face.

“Wait here for a moment. I’ll keep the locker locked.” [2]

It would be silly of me to not lock. There is the concern of the thieves and I also decided to be more cautious of the Evil God side.

I persuaded it by stroking its head with my fingers. It gave a small nod, grumbled and started eating the Jingisukan(Genghis Khan) meat which I brought with satisfaction.

When something happens, I can call for help. The situation where I am not wearing any clothes is too defenseless and it makes me nervous.

When I opened the sliding door while naked, steam suddenly burst out.

The bathroom and bathtub are quite large so its too luxurious to enter alone. I immediately wash my body and s

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