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Chapter 49 (2/2): Exchange Forum

My character leveled up.

Well, I don’t know how I leveled up.

……The Evil God side probably gains experience and level up by destroying the villages of players. However, the level up requirements for Holy God side is unknown.

I imagine that it happens when the villages prosper.

I regret not asking more from the bandman, but I didn’t have the leeway to continue the interrogation in a situation where I didn’t know when I will get attacked.

“If you think of this in the terms of the game, if the village is of certain size or you meet certain hidden requirements, you will level up. Or, it will be leveled up after gathering all the experience points.”

Some quests…..in other words, a task is presented in the game and you will gain experience points each time you clear it. You level up if your total exceeds the specified value.

This is the most common pattern. Suppose if we add all the experience points gained from defeating monsters and event clearing as well as enduring the Temptation of the Evil God.

“The villagers are alive in the game world, gained experience in some way and I gained a level. Can’t I think it like that?”

There are hopeful observations in this conjecture but if this is correct…..it would serve as a evidence that the villagers are alive.

“That’s right. What I can do is believe that the villagers are alive. All of them have escaped safely!”

It is better to have some hope than none. Lets assume that train of thought is correct.

“He said that you can do more things at Level 2.”

New items are added to the list of the miracles. I selected the new option.

《Exchange Square》

The screen is quickly filled with a picture after the click.

“It looks just like an Internet forum.”

The design is very similar to the SNS boards in Japan.

Number of threads are lined up and listed in points.

Lets take a quick look at it.

1: Thread to verify the monsters (179)

2: Game Advocacy (234)

3: What do you think is the most captivating god? (2)

4: How to efficiently earn points? (16)

5: Do you know about the prohibitions?(3)

6: Thread where Senior players of level 3 or higher gather (7)

“What’s this”

My impression comes out of my mouth.

The number of threads was over hundred and when I clicked on one for a trial, the posts were similar to the ones on the forums.

“I’m nervous like a fool …”

The same notes were written on each thread.

Profile name and real address is prohibited Writing something which can identify a player is also prohibited Please do not slander the Gods No lies is allowed on this thread. The prohibitions are not to be shared.

There are lots of things but one things is clear and that is the information which I can obtain has increased.

I decided to take a look at “27: Beginner Questions Thread” which seemed most useful.

“Frequently asked questions and answers are put together

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