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Chapter 51 (1/2): Villagers?

“We were able to survive somehow.”

A beautiful girl with long brown hair dressed in a priest like pure white dress seems to be praying to the God like one does in a church, but she was carrying rubble and her clothes were dirty with soil.

“Yeah. Almost all the rubble blocking the cave is now cleared.”

Next to the girl, someone is wiping of the sweat with a beautiful hairstyle and black hair. Its difficult to determine the gender because of the neutral face but I know that the person is a woman.

“Why don’t both of you take a break?”

A man who was repairing the log pile surrounding the cave walls calls out to them.

He has countless scars on his face and arms and looks somewhat unfriendly, but he is actually a caring man.

“Will do, onii-sama. The holes in the fence are about to be closed, thus reducing the external threats of the enemies.”

“I was glad that the watch tower was safe. The death of the horses was disappointing but…”

In front of the cave, only ruins of the buildings remain.

Once was a building where the beast couple lived and the other was a stable. There was no shadow around.

Only the watchtower was miraculously safe, exposing its unchanging appearance.

Three people are sitting on some logs, lying on the ground; and as they took a breather, two figures approach from the cave.

“Kan and Ran, thank you very much. Would you both take a break? “


“I do it”

As usual, the two with few words approached, they lay on the bare soil of the ground.

The two beastspeople which can only be seen as Red pandas are a married couple who are good carpenters.

The reason why the two’s fur are baked with dirt is because that they were working hard on the restoration.

“Lodis was asking us to take a break together.”

The elder brother grabs the hand of his sister who is about to get up.

“I disagree. It would be better to do it in shift. If we don’t then we might be careless.”

“That’s right…

Was I wrong before? I entrusted to Carol to the God of Fate all alone. “

The elder brother gently embraces her hand, comforting his depressed sister.

She gently closes her eyes and entrusts her head to her shoulder.

“Because at that time everyone also think it would be helpful. Chem’s judgment is correct. ‘

“Thank you, Mr.Kan Mrs.Ran”

The two beastpeople nodded and agreed.

All eyes turned to the cave that had collapsed, the couple in front of them was silently recovering.

An ex-merchant was gathering unusual tools with a rather crisp expression, despite his general impression of always being scared and unreliable.

The woman who was working next to him is the woman who supported the villagers as their mother… Her eyes were expressionless and she was moving like an animation. Without any emotions.

“Laila, you should rest a little.”

“You are the one who needs to rest.”

They are worried about eachother, yet

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