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Chapter 48 part1

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Seika bounces back and takes a distance from me.

I have never seen that face ……with a bewitching smile before.

“Hey, are you still drunk? Stop joking. Its important.”

When I take a step to grab her arm, she jumps back one more step to make fun of me. The atmosphere is different than usual.

She leans her back on a big tree and swipes the bible cover with her finger.

I feel strange sexuality in the gesture. Her hairs are totally different from usual.

Something is strange, something is strange. Seika wont do it even if she is drunk.

“I’ll get angry if you dont stop it..”

“Oh, scary scary”

The words which returned were of a man whom I didn not recognize.

A man appeared behind the large tree and Seika leans on him.

“Yoshio …”

Carol holds my hands tightly.

She seems to be terrified of the man atmosphere in a different world.

I am worried about the language barrier.

“Like I said, its fine.”

I put Carol behind me and step forward.

If I were to describe the man in one word then he is a heavy metal bandman. Dyed Blond hair which is not like the natural golden hair of Carol. Countless piercings on the ears and lips.

Jeans full of holes as if taken recessive damage and shirt of a foreign brand.

A type which I never would be.

“Who are you?”

“I don’t think you want to hear my name. Well no matter who I am. I just want this book.”

He grabs the bible in the hand of Seika.

Seika passed the book without any resistance while smiling and staring at the bandman.

An expression which can only be defined as of someone fallen in love.

My hear beats violently just by looking at that face. I can judge whether my feelings are jealousy or anger.

But even though my blood is boiling, my head is cool.

Normally, they will loook as lover but thats not normal. What was normal was yesterday’s experience.

“… Do you know what the book is?”

“It’s the Bible of God of Fate. I don’t know how you brought it into this world. You know, I have something similar.”

The bandman took out his smartphone. A screen similar to the game is shown on the screen.

No way….Stay calm and cool.

“Are you a Player?”

“Oh, you understand quickly.”

“What did you do to Seika?”

“Don’t you think we are lovers?”

Their appearance looks like that of a spoiled lovers. However,

“Your face is not to her liking.”

I dont know Seika’s type but I can proudly say that she will hate him.

“I don’t care about the stupid exchanges, answer the questions. I’m asking you that if you know the book. And what did you do to her?”

I talked smoothly without being scared….I am really amazed that I can keep up with this.

In the old days, I was never terrified of the other party’s appearance. However now I have faced life crisis twice.

There is also Carol behind m

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