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Chapter 55 (1/2): Understanding Secrets of the Game

The car quickly starts.

Its been moving smoothly but its uncomfortable being quite. The sound of the engine is slow and the comfort wasnt bad. I could understand a little that why my father wanted a car. I coudnt care about that now.

“Should we also introduce ourselves?”

The woman is humming with humor at the driver’s seat: Seri Shinsei or just Seri.

“It’s okay. Yoshio Suenaga, Carol and Lizard … what’s your name?”

She knows our name?

She seems to be an ally but according to the story my information was only transmitted to the Evil God side.

I checked on the bulletin board, [Exchange Square] that is used by the players but it was missing from the Main God side.

“It’s Destiny”

“Hmmmmm. I would call you Dee-chan because it’s too long”

Dont say things like my sister. I dont want you to call it just because it short but because you like it.

I was worried about Carol but when I glanced next to me. She seemed crazy about the white scenery outside while being stuck to the window

“So it would helpful if you could tell me why you came here and helped me.”

“You are impatient. There is a long way to go for our destination so lets take a leisure drive. It seems that people from the interior dont come here. Hokkaido is vast if you see from one end to another. Its about same distance as between Osaka and Tokyo”

I thought it would be as large as Shikoku but was there such a distance?

To be honest, I didnt think that it was this far.

However, even though Its my first time meeting this person … I feel relieved for some reason. Despite the face that the situation was too opportunistic to appear and help me in pinch but still I could not feel distrust towards this person.

Its strange. I should have been skeptical because I have encountered many events which would make people fearful.

“But it’s natural to be interested. Well, I’ll explain.”

The silly tone from before suddenly changed.

She seems to be going to talk seriously. I stretch my back and concentrate so that I dont miss anything.

“First of all, I play the same game of “Village of Fate “as Yoshio-san, but have you ever wondered about it?”

You suddenly come up with a question? Whats the question?

“I’m not sure what you are referring to because I’m full of doubts.”

“Oh, that’s right. What I want to say is about the title because you didn’t think that it was destined for multiple Gods?”

“I thought it was such a game because I thought I was playing it, but … it’s strange.”

I thought it was called Village of Fate because I was playing as God of Fate. However, the players controlling the other gods were also familiar with the Village of Fate.

“That’s right. It’s possible that the title is Fate, but it actually makes sense. The god of fate ranks higher in the gods.”

“… I’m sorry but I dont understand.”

“Well, there is a class to the gods as wel

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