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Chapter 57 (2/2): Servant of God

I understand that at that time, they sent Carol only due to the state of desperation.

The problem is from there. I can predict that they killed all the monsters with the large number of bombs left in the cave but I did not think that the villagers will be safe after such a powerful explosion in the cave.

“The Bible was connecting us to God ….. that day we are going to die with the monsters after we have decided to send Carol with the Bible to God.”

After all, I was right. The scene where everyone was prepared to die is still there within my memories.

“From there I … I will speak.”

“It doesn’t matter how you speak. I am just a servant, not a God. I am also a human being.”

I am still human.

Lets reuse the settings I used on Carol.

“It might be a bit rude, but please forgive me. We decided to use the bomb but Kan and Ran stopped us. They originally lived in that room. When we were there, they told us that the room was originally a tunnel which wasnt being used anymore.”


Kand and Ran had lived there in the past. So they knew about the hidden warehouse and found the bombs there.

They knew in advance that the room assigned to them was originally a tunnel separated by wooden walls.

Only the room assigned to Ran and Kan had one wooden wall of planks. That was…..a hint!

They seemed to have given up and curled up at the corner of the room but they were actually trying to peel off the planks.

At that time I was impatient so I coudnt afford to observe calmly and carefully. It was natural that I didnt even turn my head towards the movements of Kan and Ran…..Would I be worried if I noticed?

“Before we could peel of the planks, the door was destroyed but at the last minute we we managed to make the wooden wall collapse and escape into the tunnel. We detonated the bombs and the room exploded with the monsters in it.”

Extending the squib earned time for the explosion, all the villagers escaped safely and the enemy was destroyed.

I have regrets of not being able to see the explosion scene on the screen but the fact that the villagers survived is more than enough. Its a luxury to want more.

“Yes, you had a hard time but everyone is safe after all.”

These words cane out from the bottom of my heart.

I believed they were safe but always wondered somewhere in my heart if Carol was the only villager left.

But everyone is alive. There are breathing in front of me and having conversation with me.

I gaze at my hand, open and close it. The feeling of my body. I crouched down and touched the soil.

If this is a dream then its one where its impossible to distinguish between dream and reality.

At the moment I feel that a simple dream is more convincing to me but the feeling of my bod and this clear vision couldnt be a dream.

“Is something wrong?”

When I crouched down and touched the ground, Chem suddenly walked upto me.

“No, I

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