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Chapter 69: I’ve been living with the past every day since then

[Temptation of the Evil God ends. There will be no more enemy attacks today.]

I let out a sigh of relief when I saw the red letters on the screen, my fifth time since I started this game. The PC screen shows the villagers rejoicing with their hands in the air.

I’ve been through the “Temptation of the Evil God” event, which is always held at the end of the month, many times, but I think I’ve handled it pretty well for the fifth time. Oh, I should tell the villagers that it’s over by the oracle.

“It’s been two months already…….It goes by fast.”

Beautiful images that could be mistaken for live action were seen in the village on the screen.

“Well, they are real people.”

I’ve been to the game world you see on this computer screen…….Don’t worry, I’m sane. The world that I thought was a game was really a different world that existed, and by chance, I ended up in that world. Somehow, I managed to return to the original world and continue to play the game as before.

No, there were a number of things that had changed from before. First, let’s talk about the game. My level in the game had been raised to 3. Maybe it’s because of this, but to my surprise, the dialogue of the game characters is now fully voiced!

“Ladies and gentlemen, the gods have ordained that you have survived the Temptation of the Evil Gods.”

A female priestess is reading the words floating in the Bible and announcing their contents to the villagers. Chem has a clear and pleasant voice today. It’s soothing just to listen to it.

“Yay. No more monsters!”

Hearing this, a cute little girl with a small smile jumped up and down, expressing her happiness. I was relieved to see that she was as full of energy as usual. That’s how Carol should be.

“It is done. Then we’ll have to repair the fence and deal with the monsters we killed.”

Even though the battle has just ended, the scarred and brawny warrior does not rest and moves on to repairing the damage. Gams is still the same, isn’t he? I appreciate the fact that I can rely on you, but you should take some time off.

“Well, we managed to get through this time as well. Thank you all for your hard work.”

The skinny man, who is also the chief of this village, is attending to the villagers who have fought. He said a few words to each of them, and made sure to take care of the women and children who were not in the fight. It was a good decision to appoint Lodis as the village chief.

“Good work, everyone! I’ve made a delicious meal for you. And Gams, don’t worry about fixing anything, just eat first!”

A woman with red hair and healthily tanned skin is laughing as she grabs Gams firmly by the shoulders as he turns to go to work. She is the wife of the village chief, but she has more presence than the chief. She is the mother of this village. Overwhelmed by her power, Gams let out a small breath and turned around to head f

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