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Chapter 70: I’ve been adapting to the real world

“Sir, today’s site is a newly built multi-tenant building, right?”

Two of the employees started playing with their phones, and I was too lazy to talk to them, so I talked to the president who was driving.

“Oh, yeah. I’ve heard that it’s some kind of IT Company that’s been doing well lately. They’re cleaning the reception area on the first floor of a four-story building, and the corridors and stairs on each floor. The rest is toilet cleaning. I’ve been told not to enter any rooms by mistake, so be careful.”

“I understand.”

Cleaning corridors and toilets is a surprisingly common job, and is usually part of the regular cleaning schedule for corporate buildings and public facilities. It’s been five months since I started working as a cleaner. One month of that time was taken off due to a trip to another world, so I’ve actually been working for four months. I’ve gained a good amount of knowledge about cleaning.

The most important part of cleaning is the first job. If you do a job that the client likes, there are many cases where a one-time job evolves into a regular cleaning. This job was particularly lucrative because the president received it directly from the client without going through the main contractor.

“Guys, I’m serious. They pay well, and if we can get a regular cleaning here, it’ll be huge.”

The president’s voice was feverish. It seems that my imagination was right. The president picked up a guy like me, and instead of firing me even though I took a month off, he took care of me when we met again. I have to work hard to repay that favor.

“Don’t worry, boss. We have a good reputation for careful work, don’t we?”

“Yes, yes. If we do what we always do, they’ll like us.”

A reliable statement from the seniors, I’ll……try not to drag my feet!

We arrived at our destination and unloaded the cleaning equipment from the wagon. The president is talking to the client in front of the building. He is wearing a suit with no tie and his face looks quite young, maybe the same as mine or a little younger. That’s amazing, is he a president with enough achievements to get such a new building at his age?

The building was not a typical inorganic building, but rather a glass walled building with a stylish feel that wafted from the entrance and reception area. It had a sense of design that required a bit of courage to enter in work clothes. As I finished preparing the cleaning tools, I listened in on the conversation between the president and the client from a distance.

“Thank you for your time today. Are you aware of the scope of the cleanup?”

“Of course. Is it okay if we start cleaning now?”

“Yes. I’ve decided to take a temporary day off today because of the cleaning. Some people seem to be coming out, but I’ve already told them about the cleaning, so please don’t worry about it and get to work.”

He’s a very young president, but he’s a very low-

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