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“Hello, this is Yoshio.”

“You’re finally connected! Is everything okay?”

I lean my neck away to my mother’s loud and impatient voice.

What does she mean? No way. She shouldn’t know that I am in a different world.

“Well, everything is okay but what’s wrong?”

“What are you talking about? The worst snowstorm in recent decades has hit Hokkaido and the whole transportation network is now paralyzed! It’s not even a big deal for some areas to get their lifelines cut. Why don’t you know about it?”

…… Well, there is such a thing in Hokkaido

I can’t know about it because I flew to another world on the second day of Hokkaido.

It’s bad for the people who live there but in a sense, it’s convenient for me.

“Oh, that’s right. You see, this is a remote area in Hokkaido, and the only road connecting the village has suffered an avalanche, so the prospect of a quick recovery is slim.”

“I see … but I’m glad you are safe. So when will you be back?”

“In a few days….. but in the worst case, I will be stuck here for a few weeks.”

“It would be tough. Is it a nuisance to the villagers? Are accommodation expenses adequate?”

“It’s okay. I’m staying at a villager’s house. so I’m grateful for that. I’ve gotta hang up because it’s hard for the phone to connect because of the snowstorm. Say hello to Dad and Sayuki for me! I am hanging up.”

“Okay, don’t overdo it. Also, call the president later.”

“OK. See you later.”

I hang up the phone and take a sigh of relief.

The first barrier has been cleared. Next is the President.

On the contrary, if I wait it might get difficult to call so I am gonna call immediately.


“Oh, there you are! Is everything all right?”

After all, he seems to be informed about the bad weather in Hokkaido.

“Yes, somehow. But it seems that the only road leading to the village is filled with an avalanche and there is no prospect of a quick recovery.”

“It will be a tough job. Don’t worry about the part-time job. January is relatively free. It will be busy again from around March though.”

The president informed me that there are new employees in many companies in April so they ask for the cleaning to improve their appearance.

“I don’t know what had happened to Yama but he is working properly once again. It seems like he wasn’t feeling well at the end of the last year, but now he is in great shape once again. Its as if he was possessed.”

Mr. Yamamoto has returned back to normal?

There a lot to say about the cause because the village got in a predicament but it doesn’t make sense to blame him after the memory loss.

“I will contact you as soon as the road gets restored and I am ready to return.”

“I am looking forward to the souvenirs from Hokkaido.”

“Yes, I’ll buy something that is delicious. I’m sorry about the hassle.”

Things went smoother than expected. …… It’s scary.

Anyway, it’s

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