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The inside of the tent was much more comfortable and considerably less colder than I had expected.

In the center is a huge log of peeled wood. At the top was a piece of cloth, which supported the roof and the wall.

There was a kind of a hearth a little ways away from the pillars, where a fire was being built.

We sit around that fire. There is a carpet on the floor, which must have been brought by Donald.

“I am renewed. Master Yoshio, the God of Fate’s squire. Thank you for protecting Carol.”

Chem and Gum bow deeply.

Kang and Ran, standing at the entrance of the tent, do the same, but Murus, who is sitting on one knee a little farther away, only nods. She seems unwelcome.

“Look up, please. I have only obeyed God and spent time with you. Besides, I’ve had so much that I would like to thank you for.”

I was only with Carol for a week or so, but I’ll never forget those hectic but fun days.

“And by the way, as for this dwelling, it would be a bit pricey to acquire it for free from a merchant.”

I’m trying to get my head around it and shake out my vocabulary, but I’m beginning to feel quite suspicious about how I use words.

There was also a very stilted tone to the oracle so I was just about able to make it work.

”Yes. Donald-san said it was fine for free, but we all decided it would be uncomfortable to be that lenient, so we sold the materials of the monsters we defeated in the last attack to pay for it.”

The ravenous boar was edible, but the other monsters didn’t seem to eat them.

It seems that the monsters that were killed by bombs are not marketable because there is a lot of damage, but there are quite a few monsters that were also killed by other means.

The value of the materials is not very high, but the number sold certainly said something.

”Also, when we were digging up the buried caves, little by little, we found some ore in the sediment.”

“So you’re saying that blowing it up collapsed the un-excavated bedrock and gave us new ore?”

“The squire is right, sir.”

The cave was said to be an abandoned mine, so it’s not surprising that there was still ore in it.

“I see, it’s a blessing in disguise, isn’t it?”

To be honest, it’s a shame that so many of our necessities and memorables have been buried, but I’m honestly glad that we have an increased source of funding in the form of ore.

“So you think you’ll be able to secure enough reserves to last the winter?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Thank you for your concern.”

The number of villagers has increased and I have some reserves. I was relieved that all my worries were unfounded.

“By the way, how long can the squire stay here?”

‘That’s what I’m talking about, but it’s unclear at the moment. I’m sure there’s some kind of notification from God: ……”

I opened my Bible and looked through it to see if there was anything written on it, but other than the words of the oracle I sen

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