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Chapter 21 (1/2): Innocent Carol andMe

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (Unedited)

I can not do anything now that it has been chosen.

It’s bad that I left the miracle option open and allowed my sister to use the PC.

“Maybe it’s irreversible……Did I do something wrong?”

A younger sister who crawls her eye while holding her head.

I am surprised by her but now angry.

“No, it’s good because I originally wanted to do it. If you are looking for something then you can look here.”

My sister sat in front of the new PC, and I sat on the old one where the Village of Fate was active. [ I really had no idea that he had two PCs.]

Will it start at 10:00 am the day after tomorrow? Should I say that I am unhappy? There is no work on that day so it’s possible to respond to he event with ease.

I didn’t want to choose it, but If I didn’t do it so there is nothing to regret. I think it was good.

Then I should be quick and sleep early today for the day after tomorrow. [ Please note that it’s late night so it means it will be soon 00.00 am]

My younger sister finished up her investigation and returned to her room, so I soon entered the futon to sleep. [ I am sure you all know what a futon is… probably]

There were lots of worries after the work but it wasn’t a bad day because my relationship with my sister has gotten closer. I feel like I can sleep well today.

It was already eight’o clock when I woke up in the morning. My father and sister have already left for work.

When I got down to the first floor, my mother was there so I decided to have breakfast together with her.

“Yesterday you can back with Sayuki. When did you get back?”

“I don’t when I got back. There was a stalker following her yesterday so I went to pick her up.”

“Oh…..!! Did you see the other person face?”

“Unfortunately no.”

When I replied my mother who was standing and questioning me, she sat back with a grown. My previous stalker problem had really bothered my mother, so I wanted to be silent about this but guess I need to talk as I can’t follow up when I am busy up with work.

“I will protect my sister.”

“Ok, I know.”

Needless to say, I have never done anything like an older brother in a last decade. I don’t think this will have any effect but I need to show a little resolve.

“But there is that incident in the past….so don’t mess up. You and Sayuki are same to me.”

“……all right.”

My voice was clogged up due to the words from my mother.

Even it was just few words they touched my heart.

I always thought that I was unnecessary and abandoned.

For these reasons I didn’t even try to move forwards. There were times when I envied my parents and sister as well as the world.

I was rotten from my roots and considered myself abandoned and unnecessary existence.

But it was different. I was cloudy enough not to understand the love of my family.

I ran away from reality and got saved by

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