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Chapter 23 (2/2): Reunion And MyPride

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited)

“I am sorry but I have to do this…….I know that I don’t have the right to ask you to do such a thing but I want you to lend me your power.”

Murus suddenly hangs his neck and got on both his knees.

The villagers rushed up to him. Isn’t this the dogeza in this world?

“Please raise your head, Mr. Murus. You are our brother, we will help you with whatever you ask.”

“That’s right. Tell us.”

All the villagers had the same feeling, as they catch up to Gams and Carol.

I don’t know what it is, it’s complicated. But if that is is his personal request then I want help him. I believe that he is not a bad guy.

And if you think of it as a game, then according to the gaming rules they should become friends.

…..Aside from the meta-idea. If we are to succeed then he will surely join us.

“First of all I want to apologise. My identity is not that of a pharmacist who accidentally visited this place but I am from a clan living within the forbidden forest.”

Everyone is amazed except Carol and Gams. The reason for them not being surprised is probably that Gams has already anticipated this up to some extent and Carol probably didn’t understand it properly.

“Is that so? So you knew about the threat level of the Temptation of the Evil God in this forest.”

Unlike usual, her tone is severe as her brother was seriously injured so it’s a natural reaction.

Gams stretches his hand in front of his sister and leans forward.

She lost her momentum when found her brother not saying anything. Gams coughed and went one step ahead.

“I am sorry. I had a rough idea. But…….this time, there was a sense of periodicity in the attack, and their was behaviour was mysterious.”

What does this mean? The enemy attacked at a certain period of times. Is this not the normal setting for it?

“I noticed it too. When the village was attacked by monsters, multiple races came in large quantities. But until now, the Temptation of Evil God has only made the monsters violent but they never attacked by cooperation and organized in to waves like this.”

“That’s certainly true. When I was doing pilgrimage several years earlier., I often heard stories about villages attacked by a mass of monsters. However, there hasn’t been a precedent for so many races to attack together.”

No, wasn’t there the green demon riding the old boar at the opening of the game. Is that scene not normal? I think the riding monsters should be a common sense in this world. [ 1 ]

“Put that aside for now. What request did you had?”

Both I and villagers had deviated from the main point, Gams brought us back.

“My village was destroyed by the Temptation of Evil God.”

I can hear the gasps. I am not sure whether it’s mine or of the villagers.

This was a surprise. The Murus’s clan should have been living here for generations. There should have been sufficient

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