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Chapter 43 part1

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While I was interacting with Mr.Yamamoto, the village was on the verge of destruction.

The fence protecting the base is no longer intact, it has been knocked down or burned.

More than the half of the wooden boards blocking the cave entrance have been destroyed and fresh air is flowing in.

The door to the room of Kan and Ran is open, Rodis family is shaking in fear.

The hairs of Kan and Ran are contaminated with blood, Rodis is somehow supporting their body from falling down.

Murus is holding a dagger in one of her hand and the other hand is bent in a strange direction.

There was no place on the leather armor of Gams which isn’t tattered, the blood has flowed from all over his body. Its already dry and sticking to the skin.

He must have been protecting the villagers behind him till the end.

Chem is desperately casting a healing spell on her brother from behind…….tears in her eyes and clenching her teeth.

There are dozens of monsters in front of them without any wounds.

“I’m sorry everyone. I’ll help you soon!”

I operate the smartphone and use the Golem Summon miracle.

The miracle to operate the Golem isnt activated.

“Why! Why can’t the golem start?”

No matter how many times I press it, the Golem launch screen isnt displayed. No matter how many times I review it.

On the screen, Murus and Gams are hunting down the monsters while Rodis and others are running away.

They all jumped into a room and closed the door.

Monsters are hitting the door violently. The door is reinforced as it is a room dedicated solely for the evacuation but this situation will change in few minutes.

Perhaps Kan and Ran have already given up. They have settled in the corner of a room with their backs to the door.

“Why, why don’t you move! I have enough fate points!”

No matter how many times I press, the miracle would not work.

“Maybe it’s no good now.”

Rodis mutters with a bitter smile.

“Don’t say that!”

“Yes, I’m sorry. Thank you all for protecting our useless family to the end. “

Laila and Rodis bow. Carol seems to be sleeping all the time and hasnt woken up even in this state.

“Thanks to Mrs. Murus’s sleeping pill. She would not be scared.”

Did Rodis decided to drug his daughter?

“If the statue of God of Fate is broken then we can no longer expect miracles.”

Chem holds a finger shaped piece of wood in her hand with a lonely expression.

So maybe the Golem summon coudnt be used because the statue is destroyed…..I wont give up.

Which other miracle can be used?

“I’m sorry for my lack of power. I couldn’t protect everyone … “

A drop of blood falls from the mouth of the shivering Gams. He tightly holds hs fist.

“I will lose my village and friends and even my own life.”

Murus grabs the bow with regret and slams it on the ground.

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