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Chapter 36 part1

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Two weeks have passed since then and December has come to an end. One day left until the end of the year.

I usually do the cleaning job three times a week, but at the end of the year, the cleaning industry is at it’s busiest.

As expected we are booked for thirty-three days, there are now more employees but the work has increased too much so my work will inevitably increase.

I have the part-time job for 5 times a week till the New year’s Eve. Lately, I have not spent any money on the game but instead saving it just in case.

And I recently noticed that the cleaning industry is surprisingly suitable for my work. I get a sense of fulfillment after cleaning and seeing the cleaned floors.

The days of the village of Fate are going well. And the day for meeting new villagers has finally arrived.

“It has been a long time since then. How are you doing?”

Dordord and his caravan are visiting the village.

He has employed the same men as escorts. He stops near the gate of the fence.

“Welcome, Dordord.”

Gams opens the door and invites him in.

“Oh, the range of the fence is now rather wide. It seems now you can build buildings and make fields in here.”

You remember it even though you visited only once?

Considering the increase in the number of villagers in the future, the villagers have expanded the area inside the fence.

The area inside the fence has increased to almost double. There is also a stable for the horses, and they now live out of the cave.

There was a problem with the smell of horse droppings before. They had been thinking to do this for a long time but they lacked manpower and time.

“Can you confirm the items which you have requested? And also I brought two migrants.”

Dordord waves his hands towards his carriage and two people come out from inside.

A duo with no obvious difference in physique and appearance.

About the height of Gams’ chest, a bit taller than Carol.

Both have large faces and short limbs.

One had a bag with him from which several wooden handles we’re sticking out.

Their clothes were leather shorts with many pockets. Everything beyond their clothes is covered in brown hair.

The face is full of hair. Their eyes are round and sharp, while their nose is sticking out. Their hair is white from their eyes to their mouth.

“Red Pandas.”

To be honest, the appearance of the bushy tail is really cute.

Black pandas are more famous and popular but personally prefer the Red Panda.

“They are a couple from Okuma Race.”

“I am Ran.”

“I am Kan.”

The two of them bowed and introduced themselves?

Is it okay for them to stay with humans? In fantasy, you may usually find that beast-men are prejudiced and abused. What about this world?


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