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Chapter 44 part1

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I encountered an unprecedented event of being attacked by Mr. Yamamoto on the evening of New Year’s Eve evening but managed to overcome it.

I was beaten with a crowbar and had some broken bones but I took the medicine sent from the village of Fate and healed quickly.

Rampaging Mr Yamamoto who has lost his sanity was knocked out by my golden lizard Destiny.

It was smart and I always suspected that it wasnt a normal lizard…but but indeed it seems to have the power to spit poisonous smoke and furthermore can also petrify a human body.

Looking at these two abilities of the lizard, I made a prediction of what Destiny was.

From there on I went back to my room, laid in my futon and stared at the Destiny by my side.

“Well, maybe a Basilisk?” [1]

When I asked it, Destiny nodded once.

Is that so?

After it hatched from the egg, I examined the lizards and just in case looked at the lizard like fantasy creatures as well.

When I searching with a faint expectation of it being a dragon, I found a lizard monster about which I was worried.

That is the Basilisk. Originally, I thought it to be a Cockatrice but it seems the Basilisk was more established as a lizard than the Cockatrice which was a chicken with tail of a snake. [2]

It has the power to exhale poison from its mouth and also can petrify its opponent. It is also known as the King of Lizards.

“It’s perfectly matches the conditions.”

Until an hour ago, I might have still laughed saying that it was stupid without recognizing the facts.

However, the incredible events beyond the common sense happened one after the another….finally the delivery.

A girl was sent in a huge cardboard to my house.

I knew the face of the ten year old girl with blond hairs.

Carol, one of the characters from the Village of Fate. I used to see her on my PC everyday. She was in my cardboard and was sent to my house.

… I think I am still probably sane …

It would be persuasive to say that everything was just a dream but unfortunately it seems real as hitting my cheek was painful.

For the time being, I take Carol to my room and lay her on the futon.

“What should I do, Destiny?”

I am confused. I am looking for help but it is eating fruits while facing his back to me.

His back seemed to be saying,”Decide yourself.”

Well, first of all, a review of the current situation.

The game which I was playing….Village of Date seems to really exist and the tributes sent were also real.

Not long before Carol was sent, the village was ruined and I thought that I could no longer play the game.

Perhaps I can imagine why.

Considering the villager last conversation, the cornered villagers gave Carol as a tribute to me, the God of Fate.

That makes sense if you ignore the common sense.

“I’m confident that my head is normal …”

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