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Chapter 45 part1

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I asked Carol to stay calm and then sacrificed Destiny so I should be safe for a while.

After leaving the room with a subtle expression of a doll, I decided to go to the ground floor and give her a detailed explanation.

I arrive before the kotatsu in the living room and sat down.

In front of me, she crosses her arms and settle down.

I mix some truth with the setting which I had assembled in my mind.

“So she is an immigrant from abroad who came with her family from the village which you had helped about which I heard before.”

“That’s right.”

I want to praise myself for thinking about this setting.

“Her family has to urgently reutrn back to the home country for a short while so her parents dropped her here and asked me to take care of their daughter. I had my family so I took it lightly but I hard forgotten that my family will leave for the New year. I was also busy with the work and the Stalker case so I forgot about it.”

I told her quickly.

I guess I managed to talk well as it is usual for my sister to point out that I am telling a lie.

“I know that whatever you do has nothing to do with others but I need to know more. I will talk about this with aunt after New Year.”

I have known that when she talks in an overly polite tone like her Student Council President days, its pretty dangerous.

She pretends to be calm but her convulsions and jerky cheeks her habit of suppressing her anger.

If a women is angry and you make an excuse, it will be like adding oil to the fire.

This is one of the few techniques which I learned during my NEET days.

“How about that its a lie and you are actually married and she is your daughter.”

Why the crying look? Is it because that she is shocked? Or…Dont go into delusions.

“No. I was a NEET. I was withdrawn from the world and stayed at home all the time except the night. How can I get married?”

“That’s right.”

Apparently that was very convincing argument but…….I am not happy

She is still a bit suspicious but it fortunate that I was a NEET…….She is really happy about this?

Anyways, this seems to have mislead her but the problem is the future.

Will I always feed this girl from another world?

The best solution would be to return her to the original world but how?

Even if she returns but finds the village destroyed then she will be lonely then wouldn’t it be better for her to stay here?

Several questions come to my mind.

If I had money and I lived alone then I might have been able to feed Carol but the men now hasn’t everything.

Even I myself am all alone. Can I even save one girl who has lost her place?

“Yeah. Why was I sleeping in the japanese-styled room? I feel I am still dreaming. I cant remember properly. Take care of yourself—are you listening?”

“Oh, sorry. I was thinking about something. W

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