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Chapter 30 part1

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Three days have passed since Murus joined the village.

I haven’t met Seika since then. If she decides to come to my house then it will be Saturday or Sunday most probably.

There hasn’t been much change in the real world but the game has become quieter.

Murus is still far from full recovering emotionally but has stated to smile more because of Carol.

I hope the wounds of her heart heal fast.

It will be helpful but most importantly I want everyone in the Village of Fate to be happy.

This is my hope as the God of Fate watching over the village.

I was going to take a break from watching the villagers because I had to go to work but just after breakfast Murus said something like this.

“Everybody, why don’t we go to my village today?”

What do you mean? You said your village was gone? What do you want to do by inviting everyone to a dead village.

“Most of the village is burnt but the are still some supplies left. There are everyday items and food which could be used.”

All right. That is a welcoming suggestion.

“It will be really helpful ….. but are you really fine with this?”

“Yes. Tools are meaningless without people. After you all defeating the villagers enemies, I and u’re that everybody would be happy if we can use it.”

If Murus says so then I would not disagree.

The villagers decided to go. Everyone’s thought was in unison but there was one problem….

“Carol also goes!!..”

“You cannot go. I just explained you that there is lot of danger outside.”

Lodis is trying to hold her daughter on the ground while she is flapping her limbs all around.

It would be unusual if Carol is always a good girl. She is a child less than ten years of age, so it’s more natural for her to act this way.

“What’s wrong? You don’t behave this way usually.”

“Because…because….She always go out and keeps blabbering about it. She is just my sister-in-law. Chem wasn’t useful right? So if Carol goes too then it will still be the same.”

Chem is struck by something painful while holding her chest.

Certainly there was no notable contribution from her during the battle with the Red Demon but we are able to offer prayers to the dead because of her.

I am grateful for that but does she care about that??

Her parents are in good mood but still stubborn.

“She I always inside the fence, in a dark cave. No wonder her patience reached it’s limit. Carol is a good child.”

Surprisingly, Gams helped in getting on board.

What kind of mental change is this? Wasn’t you the one who hated to risk the villagers life the most?

“Gams brother! Take me with you!”

“He is my brother. It’s too dangerous. I oppose this brother.”

Both of Chem’s parent gently Pat their daughter head.


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