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Chapter 46 part1

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Carol who galdly finished the soba noodle first was sleepy and therefore I decided to let her sleep on the futon where Seika was sleeping. [1]

“Since the futon is already laid there, can you sleep there?”

“Yup. Fluffy. And pure white. Can I really sleep here? “

“It’s okay as this is my home so you can relax.”

“Yup. I’m glad Yoshio is so kind. Well, Dad and Mom are safe, right?”

The energy collected upto that point disappeared as if it was a lie. She stared at me with a face which was about to burst into crying.

I was worried for a kid to be behaving brightly for all this while.

“It’s okay, don’t worry. Let you body have rest.”


I gripped Carol’s hand, who seems to be anxious. She closed her eyelids as if she was a little relieved.

I breathed a sigh of relief after a while. I gently released her hand and left the japanese-styled room without making noise.

“Did Carol sleep?”


Seika who is still in my home becons me over to the kotatsu. [2]

I sat down received the teacup which I was offered.

“Its hard to take care of Carol.”

“I don’t care, I like children. I don’t understand the language but she’s a bright child but … it would be overkill for her to not miss her parents.”

Did Seika see Carol while she was anxious?

I take a sip of tea.

“Its because she’s a smart child. I want to her to have fun while she is here at least.”

I can’t even think of a way to send her back.

I want to her have lots of fun.

“I’m going to take her our for Hatsumode tomorrow.” [3]

Dangerous. I almost said different world.

“It might be old fashioned to the foreign countries..”

“I don’t think its bad to wish something from God. Surprisingly God might realize the wish.”

“Aren’t you an atheist? Are you really into the religions?”

Is she right?

Since I got involved with the Village of Fate, I put my legs and knees in a mysterious worlds. I am confident that I would not be surprised even if God exists.

For the time being, I am God of Fate.

“No because I was busy since two months so I coudnt afford to go out.”

“You have changed. Its good. You are little bit different.”

My childhood friend smiles.

“Yeah, it’s been terrible for the last ten years. I just regret it when I think back about it. I’m sorry for subtleties.”

I sit back, straighten up and apologize again.

“Don’t feel sorry. You do not have that kind of personality. You are more selfish, prideful, bossy and mischievous.”

She lines up the defects. I cant refute it because everything is correct.

“… I’m sorry, can you help me around?”

“But you were also kind, just and value others more than yourself. Isnt it?”

If she says so suddenly with a serious, I wont know what to do.

“I liked i, good. I’m glad to come back.”

“……I’m back”

My face is now

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