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Chapter 41 part1

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I have my breakfast gracefully in the morning.

Seika said that she would come again at night. So from now till the night, no one will disturb me….

Today is the day of Temptation of Evil God.

The beginning of the last event was from noon but that doesnt mean that I am not cautious.

The game is turned on the smartphone even during the meals so I can handle the situation immediately if anything happens.

After my stomach was full, I went back upstairs with my lunch which was sweets, fruits and drinks.

As usual, there was Destiny on the desk but I am not worried about him today.

“You like being together”

It shakes its head after I gave him the fruit and asked.

The time of the game is two hours earlier so what are the villagers doing?

The weather in the game is good. The visibility is also good as there is no snow.

Is Murus on the watchtower? probably because he has good eyes and can strike first with a bow. He is best suited for the job.

Until now whenever Gams left from the lookout and let Rodis took charge, I because really scared and worried.

The burden on Gams was reduced and her existence is beneficial as well.

Speaking of strength, there area Kan and Ran but they are sleeping.

This morning, he was on the lookout since the morning so I want him to slowly rest till noon. until noon.

Gams is quiet in the cave. He was planning to be on the watchtower together with Murus but everyone was against him.

His turn will come after the monsters appears so lets be patrien for now.

The Rodis family is chatting in the cave. Everyone is acting like everyday as not to scare Carol.

Since the morning, Chem is eagerly polishing the wooden carved statue of God of Fate, the made offerings and blessings. She seems to be distracting herself by moving her body. I can understand the feeling well.

Destiny is staring at the PC screen just like me.

“Is there something particular which you are thinking?”

Destiny is supposed to be from Village of Fate. So birthplace setting is on the screen.

I dont think this is a delusion. If Destiny really came from that world….would Destiny want to return to the the other world?

Looking at his serious look, I am a little anxious.

Even so there is no way to return….

When I stroked its head with the index finger, it narrowed its eyes.

From then it was noon without any anomaly. At the same time, an alarm sounded from the PC.

[The Temptation of Evil God has Begun.]

Red text is displayed on the screen.

It is same development as the last month. Here is the actual event.

Unlike the last time, I am ready but I dont know what will happen.

And if Yamamoto was involved then this raid would not be similar to the last one.

There are many thing to think about, but lets think about after this gets over. I just n

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