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Chapter 35 part1

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I returned to my room to check on my PC with haste.

I stood in front of the glass case.

My younger sister or father probably gave rice and fruits to Destiny. That’s good, but the problem is….about last night.

Golden-skin Destiny. It is possible it lurked into the warm bag due to the cold.

“Well….Destiny…Did you do that yesterday?”

I asked while my eyes met his through the glass case.

The large round eyes looked at me for a moment but then turned to the fruits.

“What were you doing , You shouldn’t do that……Destiny, you shouldn’t hide like that. It can be dangerous for you.”

I sat down in front of the of the terrarium while silently giving advice to Destiny during it’s meal.


Murus seemed okay in the surface but occasionally gazes off at the lonely sky.

I checked the past logs for the events which happens when I was not at home but it doesn’t seem to be any problem.

I was so immersed with the stalker that I was about to forget about the village.

We went to the Murus’ village and met Dordord there, and now we have every basic necessity for living. The winter preparations are perfect.

Rodis said that even if the number of the villagers increase, they can afford it.

Recently, my miracles have been triggered rather frequently but now the Fate point have started to accumulate again, due the gratitude of the villagers.

It was not clear why, maybe because the object was small or Golem Summon was supposed to get cheaper with successive use, but during the manipulation of the small Golem statue the point consumption was much less than before.

Nevertheless, I should one use them rarely.

“If I was to become rich then I could have done way more miracles.”

I am sorry villagers. I am a poor God.

The billing system is important but I would like to invest some money back to the house as well. Recently I have started working and I can’t waste my money recklessly.

…..But I am confident to use my money if the villagers are in trouble.


Inside the screen, Carol is helping Laila and Chem. Rodis is checking out the items collected from Murus’ village and purchased from the merchant.

Gams and Murus’ are exploring the area.

They are working hard.

If you see such a scene, you will want to help then even if it costs you money. Such is humanity.

“A bit laters Dordord will come again. It seems he will bring potential immigrants, but who will they be?”

If this was some normal game then one will want beautiful and cute characters, but considering the situation in the village, strength and manpower are really essential.

Strong guys and/or technicians would be best. The villagers have stated this during their immigrant request.

However, Rodis a

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