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Chapter 33 part1

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The stalker is turning away from me.

The bus hasn’t arrived yet. A car is parked in front of the convenience store and two young men are chatting with eachother. The distance is not far so screaming loudly can definitely attract their attention.

I need to get them to notice in case of an emergency. I believe that if you see someone eyes then you can judge his character.

If he did repent the incident and being caught by the police then why would he repeat stalking?….Well I don’t want to deal with the police again.

And now he is an adult. If he stabs me again then he will be definitely be sent to jail even if it’s a minor injury.

Should I call the police?….but what would I say? I witnessed a former stalker after a long time and I want to catch him right away?

There is a prohibition order to him to stay away from our family but it can’t be helped if you happen to run into him at the bus stop.

Well…let’s keep an eye on him and make sure that the other person is stalking before calling the police. If I put my sister in danger and something happens to her then I will regret it for my entire life.

I can’t imagine the police moving against him just by me seeing him in this town. I need a solid evidence. Even if they take an action immediately, it might force him into a corner and he might take some desperate last measure action.

Is there time to contact the police in the first place?

Even if he is caught and arrested here by the Police, it will be temporary. I want to make sure that he is never able to get close to my sister again.

I don’t think he will violently stab me but I am still worried. Although I was pretending to be calm but unconsciously, I stroked my old wound on my belly.

Nevertheless, while approaching him slowly, a question suddenly crosses my mind.

…What should I talk to about?

“Hey! Remember me. You stabbed me once.”

This situation can instigate him and as well as be misunderstood.

Should I pretend to run into him by chance?

I feel that just telling the fact that I met him by chance is strange.

All the worries kept aside. Is there really a chance that this could be coincidental?

If you still have some doubts then you should definitely make them clear.

If I know whether I should be on alert against him the my response needs to change depending upon that.

…..If I am in danger then escape with haste and ask for help. Let’s go with safety first strategy.

The man is facing his back to me and is enthusiastically operating his smartphone so hasn’t noticed me.

Its too dangerous to get close, so I should call from few metres away while giving away the feeling that I just noticed.

“Huh, are you Yoshinaga?”

The man turned aro

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