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C89.2:The President on the Evil God side vs. Me on the Lord God side (2)

“Aaaaah! I’ve endured it!”

All right! This is the end of the attacks. We’ve managed to survive!

“What’s going on? Why are two of your trump card god statues activated at the same time! I’ve never heard of that! Hey, explain it to me!”

I wanted to bask in the afterglow of my victory, but the shouting interrupted me. I don’t have the obligation to tell you what I did here, but I want to hear your frustration, so I’ll tell you.

The statue needs to be controlled by the player to move, so until now I could only move one of them. But I gave my old phone with 《Village of Fate》 still installed on it to the God of Nature just in case.”

It was that simple. This is the real reason why I recently bought a new phone. I handed him my old phone and I used the new one. If he misused the phone, my village would be finished, but I trusted him like he trusted me.

This made it possible for me to activate and move two god statues at the same time, so I could concentrate on the offensive. He was a reclusive gamer just like me, so he was used to controlling the statues. Incidentally, I met up with him at a coffee shop, and he was a small boy with a hoodie hood pulled up tightly over his eyes.

In the middle of our conversation, he took off the hood and showed me his real face, which I think was probably a man. It was hard to judge because he had a neutral face that older women would like.

Which gender? I couldn’t even ask, so it’s actually still a mystery to me. I met him at a coffee shop not only because I wanted to give him my phone, but also because I wanted to take him out of the house. For a recluse, going out is not a natural thing to do. I hoped that this would be a good opportunity for him to improve his situation.

“Don’t think you can get away with this, boys. I’m going to crush you and my damn employees. I may have lost this time, but my stronghold is still intact and I have plenty of money. I’m going to destroy your village soon with more power than I used today!”

He’s talking about the worst of it. Even after all this pain, he’s not feeling lumpy at all. But I had feared this development for a long time. If I endure this time, the game over is just postponed.

“I know where you live, too. You can’t touch me directly, but there are plenty of ways to hunt you down! This time I cut corners and didn’t use the power of luck, but next time I’ll be serious! As long as I have money and luck, I can do anything in this world! What the hell?”

I furrow my brow at the loud voice. I can’t see him, but his face seems to be contorted in madness.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your excitement, my battle is over, but I’m sure you’re still busy.”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about. It seems that you were able to overcome the [Temptation of the Evil Gods] today…….What do you mean?”

The sound of a cell phone being dropped on the desk and the pre

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