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C84: I’m the one who feels the closest to the other player

Midnight, I’ve been keeping an eye on the village all day except for meals, but so far there hasn’t been much change. The dark elves have not stepped out of their buildings, and are either sitting or lying down. More than half of them have their eyes closed, but the ones that are open have no sign of life in their eyes…….Only one person, Sudhir, the daughter of the chief, sat in front of the Bible on the floor, staring at it without saying a word.

“They’re just waiting for God to tell them what to do.”

I mentioned it as if it was someone else’s problem, but my key members were doing the same, standing still around the Bible on the desk. They had gathered at Lodis’ house to discuss the future, but as the day wore on, they naturally gathered in front of the Bible.

It’s the time of day when I’m usually long asleep…….Carol is sleeping soundly, isn’t she? Both sides seem to be aware of the dangers of the current situation.

“I’d love to reassure them with an oracle right away, but I’d rather wait and see how they react before I make a decision.”

Depending on what the other party’s oracle says, there’s a good chance I’ll change the text. If out of desperation they order a reckless assault, I must do my best to stop them. If they suggest something, I must give them an answer.

I’ve decided on a few things to write, but that depends on the person I’m talking to. However, I have about an hour to wait. I can’t leave the anxious villagers behind and go to sleep. I’ve always wondered about the players on the other side. I don’t know what kind of miracles the God of Nature can perform, but if I were in their shoes, I’d spend all my savings to save my villagers.

But there was no sign of a miracle being activated even when we attacked the enemy territory. I considered the possibility that he was a boorish type who was not good at thinking, but he had the wit to speak to me through an oracle. From the way he admonished the Dark Elves, I guessed he wasn’t stupid. There are a few things I can predict from that.

One, I used most of my points in the last “Temptation of the Evil God” to activate the miracle so I don’t have many left.

A player who enjoys the game as just a game, not enough to spend all his savings, this is the right style of play, isn’t it? I’ve seen many people online who regret pouring a lot of money into a game and then messing it up. But this is not that kind of game. And there are benefits for the player as well.

If he’s like me, he’ll receive tributes, or if his village level rises, he’ll be able to use miracles in the real world according to the god he plays. This is a boon that no one wants to give up. By the way, I can also use the miracle of the God of Fate in the real world. When I was level 2, I could only change the weather, but after I became level 3, the number of miracles I could use increased.

“I guess I can do some God of Fate m

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