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C77: An unconscious childhood friend and a conscious me

I took a shower and stood in front of the sink. I’ve been doing strength training for years, so I’ve always had muscles, but since I’ve started working as a cleaner, I feel like I’ve gained muscles all over the place. It seems that cleaning work uses muscles that I never thought I’d use, and my thighs and back are starting to stand out.

“Just in case, you know, I should brush my teeth for good manners.”

I brush my mouth carefully, and while I’m at it, I brush my tongue as well. I trimmed my hair and……stopped my hand there.

“I never cared about my appearance before.”

My face, which used to be covered with stubble, is now clean and smooth. Even if I don’t have a part-time job, I try to shave once every two days. For ten years, I thought I didn’t want to meet people. Now I’m actively trying to meet people myself.

“It’s normal, but……it’s growing on me a bit.”

When I was a recluse, Seika would call and text me every day, but I found it annoying and threw away my cell phone. After that, I had no way of contacting her, and she visited my house a few times, but I didn’t even try to see her……

I put the can of hair conditioner I had in my hand back on the shelf and just lightly stroke it with my hand. During my stay in the “Village of Fate,” I had called Seika to confirm our feelings for each other. At the time, I was just happy, but when I thought about it calmly, I realized……that I had no power or right to make her happy now.

I’ve been able to get a part-time job since I was a NEET, but now I’m just trying to make ends meet. No, I’m living with my parents and not paying rent or utilities. I can’t even support myself on my own. I do have some money in the house, but it’s not enough to pay for even a cheap apartment.

Seika probably doesn’t even care about my income. In fact, with her income, the two of us should be able to live comfortably. She works at such a famous company that even I know about it. When I looked it up on the internet once, I was overwhelmed by the high starting salary.

“But I can’t give up this part. Even if I can’t make the same amount of money……I want to be paid enough to support the two of us.”

One way is to become a full-time employee instead of a part-time worker. I was talking to the president once.

“Yoshio, if you want to be my employee, you’re welcome. I can guarantee you two days off per week, except during the busiest times.”

I was cut off at once.

“You’ll be more stable if you get a full-time job because you’ll have all kinds of insurance. However, if you want to do something else, you can work part-time. We’ve had people who wanted to be in a band, novelists, and manga artists at the same time.”

For the time being, I was just hoping to get a part-time job, but I couldn’t say anything back to the president’s proposal.

“There’s no need to rush, but you should at least decide what you want to do in the f

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