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C87:The Temptation of the Evil Gods begins and I fight back

There was only half a day left before the coming [Temptation of the Evil Gods]. After deciding to focus on defense, I spent most of my time working on strengthening the village. With the increase in the number of villagers, the efficiency of the work is much higher than before. In addition, with the help of the Dark Elves, I think we’ve been able to get some things done.

As for one of the problems, the Dark Elves moved out of their village early this morning and all of them have already settled in our village. Now we can concentrate on defending ourselves without any worries.

In addition, ten hunters from the town are staying in the village. This is a result of the miracle “A skilled hunter is coming”, and the story goes that Mr. Doldold dispatched the hunters he hired himself. This succeeded in greatly increasing our strength.

Ran and Kang were busy making arrows and bows since many of them are good archers, but once they get over the [Temptation of the Evil God] I hope they can enjoy bathing in their favorite water without worry.

The basic strategy is to deal with everything from a distance without letting the opponent get close. This is probably our best move. If we do get into close combat, there are always Gams, villagers, and even hunters. In addition, if the need arises, I can use the “Summon Golem” to jump into the enemy territory with the statue of God and have them shoot arrows at them while I raze the enemy camp.

“We did everything we could, didn’t we?”

I’ve been in touch with the God of Nature player a number of times and have rehearsed what we need to do tomorrow. Still, there is……cause for concern. I’m not sure if we can survive that horde even after all this.

This morning, I checked the number of monsters near the enemy’s base and found that there were over a thousand in the visible range alone. No way, four digits. We had ninety-seven, including the villagers and the new dark elves. Adding the hunters to that and we’ve managed to get over a hundred.

The difference in strength is more than tenfold. And the other side has a huge amount of money as well. However, the Forbidden Forest is a temporary base, so it will take time to summon monsters from the base and move them there. It should not be possible to have more than this number increased at once.

“If it were a comic book or a game, it would be a fiery development. In fact, if I were to do it myself……would be aaaaaaah.”

I can’t help but sigh. The enemy is the president of the company and his employees. The challengers are a duo of NEETs and ex-NEETs. Let’s not think too much about…….

“I should check to see if any enemy forces have crept in, like last time.”

Using the mouse, I click on all the characters in the village. Each time I do, a description of the character is displayed, but there is nothing strange about it. There was a slight concern that if the dark elves b

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