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C88.1: A looming crisis and me firing the third arrow (1)

My prediction had come true.

Six hours had passed since the start of the [Temptation of the Evil God]. The ground on the other side of the log fence was covered with corpses, and the surface of the ground was barely visible. The trench that had been dug so deep was now filled with corpses and no longer served its purpose.

The log fence that we had reinforced so much was in shambles, and I wondered how many times we had to repair it along the way. To be honest, it was almost a miracle that we had lasted this long with such a difference in strength. I had already activated the golem three times. Two of the god statues were broken and useless.

The reason we haven’t been destroyed yet is partly due to our perseverance, but……is not the only reason. I guess he wants to see me suffer for as long as possible, so he doesn’t attack all at once, but slowly pushes me to the brink of death.

The villagers have been fighting without a break since then. The sun hasn’t even risen yet, and I, as well as the player of the God of Nature, were exhausted. I’ve been making internet calls on the newer computer, but all I hear is complaining and whining.

“I can’t do it anymore…….The villagers have reached their limit.”

It was understandable that he would want to complain. In fact, the villagers were so exhausted that only a dozen of them, including Gams, could still manage to move. The villagers who had taken refuge in the building volunteered to stand guard, trying their best to give the combatants a break.

Chem used too much magic to heal the injured and fainted. Now she has managed to wake up and is lying down in the rest area. Her complexion was as white as paper, and she said she would be in danger if she had used any more magic. As for the injured, thanks to the recovery potion that I had left for this day, they were able to manage, but I guess that means they would have scars all over their body.

The reason why I can review the war situation like this now is because the other side has not made any move. They must be convinced that we no longer have the power to resist and launch an all-out attack. It was the calm before the storm.

The majority of them were sitting on the ground with exhausted expressions on their faces. The only ones who still have light in their eyes are……Lodis family, Gams, Chem, Ran, Kang, and Murus. None of the old members had given up yet. I was more than happy about that. They still believe in me – the God of Fate.

“I won’t give up until the village is destroyed. Until then, I will never give up.”

“But there’s nothing we can do about it. In a few minutes, the final attack will begin and we’ll be……out of the game. We’ve practiced, but we don’t know how many enemies are going to attack us in the end…….”

God of Nature’s weak voice almost breaks my heart. I’m aware that my hand is trembling faintly as I hold the mouse. But I’m not. Sud

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