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C86: My rival appears and I’m stunned

“That’s the last of it. How’s it going over there?”

After piercing the yellow demon with the longsword in his right hand, and at the same time slashing the black dog’s throat with the dagger in his left hand, Gams called out to the others.



Kang and Ran are holding up their spears from a short distance away. The tips of their spears are wet with fresh blood.

“If you are injured, please come this way.”

One of the villagers was holding his arm and walking up to Chem. A faint light flooded his hands and his wounds closed up, leaving not even a scar.

“We got rid of three too.”

Murus and the other elves, who were holding their bows on the branches of a large tree, responded. There were some injuries, but they were minor, so I guess they’re doing well. Since then, we’ve been cutting down monsters every day. On a good day, we’re able to kill about 20 of them, which must be quite a blow to the evil gods.

The Dark Elves’ group is working separately from ours, but I’ve been peeking over there every now and then, so I just confirmed that they finished safely. I don’t worry too much about injuries because they can manage them with the recovery medicine. Besides, the God of Nature is watching over the other side, so he doesn’t need me to interfere.

It’s been quite a few days since we decided to team up with the Dark Elves. The proposal to move to this village is still pending. The proposal to move to my village is still pending. It seems that they are still reluctant to abandon the village they have lived in for so long. Still, the decision has to be made by that day.

Just when I thought I had plenty of time left in my busy life, both in the game and in real life, there are only three days left until the [Temptation of the Evil God]. Of course, I got permission from the president to take that day and the day before off. Today, I have to do the regular cleaning of Utopia from noon, so once that’s done, I can concentrate on 《Village of Fate》.

Checking the time, I knew I had better get ready. I slip my arms into the sleeves of my work clothes, which I’ve grown accustomed to wearing, and put my essentials into the many pockets. The most important thing is not my wallet, but my phone. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to see what was going on in the village. As I left the room, I heard the sound of a car approaching, so I rushed down the stairs.

“Mom, I’m going.”

Without waiting for a reply, I left the house and the car arrived at almost the same time. I got into the car that had come to pick me up at home and hurried to the scene. As I sat in the car, I kept thinking about something. This is the fourth time I’ve been to Utopia for regular cleaning, and I have some thoughts about the president.

I’ve made eye contact with the president many times while cleaning. It’s not that there aren’t people who come to watch the cleaning, but no one comes to w

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