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C88.2: A looming crisis and me firing the third arrow (2)

–A few weeks ago.

After the phone call with the Goddess of Fate, I feel like taking a break, but not yet. I picked up my wallet from the corner of my desk and pulled out a business card. The name written on it is Habata.

He was the player from the Evil God’s side that I had negotiated with on the ferry and had a car chase with in Hokkaido. I took out the business card that Habata had given me back then and checked it. It was a business card with his name and phone number written on it. There was even an email address on it.

“What to do? I don’t know if this number is real.”

Direct contact with me from the other side was forbidden by the discussion between the gods, but contact from me was not restricted. Having gotten a lot of information from God, I can call Habata without worrying. After quenching my thirst with a cup of tea from a plastic bottle, I typed in the phone number written on his business card.

“This is a different kind of tension.”

But it’s a lot easier than talking to God. I told myself that and waited for the other person’s response. The ringing was repeated, and I decided to hang up after five more seconds. I started the countdown, and then I heard a voice…….

“I never thought I’d hear from you.”

The condescension was palpable even over the phone. It was definitely Habata.

“It’s been a while. Thank you for your time.”

“That’s a good counter with a touch of irony. You seem to have grown stronger since then.”

Why is he so happy about this? His aloofness is still the same, isn’t it? I almost felt relieved that I could make the call, so I pulled myself together.

“I don’t think there’s any need for useless preamble, so I’ll be blunt……I want you to withdraw from the Forbidden Forest.”

“Hohoho……Your jokes have gotten better in the short time I haven’t seen you around. Do you have any proof that I’m messing with the Forbidden Forest in the first place?”

“No, I don’t want you to play games with me now after all the attacks.”

It must be Habata who has been attacking the village at the time of the [Temptation of the Evil Gods] for the past few months. I don’t have any evidence, but the monsters look the same every time.

“So you’re saying that I’m the culprit who’s been attacking the village with a pattern of attacks every time because I’m too broke to hire monsters properly?”

“Isn’t that already a confession?”

“Well, you’ve got me there. Hahahahaha.”

This jovial tone of voice returned. It seems to have been an intentional slip of the tongue. I guess he didn’t want to play dumb from the start.

“Can we please stop with the silly word games?”

“So let’s assume that I’m attacking you, but I don’t think you should ask your opponent to retreat, do you? There’s no benefit to me.”

“Mr. Habata, you’ve been working with other people in the Forbidden Forest recently, haven’t you? With multiple people, too

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