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Chapter 79: A new job and me spying on others

I had a lot of fun on the forum until midnight.

“I never thought I’d start three threads after that.”

The thread I started, “How did the game start for everyone?” Had over a thousand posts and I couldn’t write any more, so I started a new one, “How did the game begin?” It seems to have become a very popular thread on the forum.

“Isn’t that how it all started? Well, yes, it is. Because the world over there is real, and all kinds of people live in it.”

You can control it as a game, but that world is real. Each and every one of us is a human being with a will. It’s no wonder that there are so many different ways to start. Although I was absorbed in the forum, I hadn’t forgotten about the most important thing, the “Village of Destiny.”

As a result of the discussion among the villagers, it seemed that they had decided to attack the base in three days. All the Dark Elves here, including Sudhir, participated. It seems that they are the most elite of those who survived in their village and can fight. From our side, we decided on five elves and five villagers, including Gams, Chem, Kang, Ran, and Murus. Oh, and the silver basilisk, Gochupicchu, will also accompany them.

Gochupicchu is more obedient than Destiny. I’m sure she’ll be useful. As I thought this, I glanced at my golden lizard and saw that it was staring at me with half-lidded eyes. Ugh, did he just read my mind? I quickly turned away and looked at the village again.

A little while ago, I would have been worried about the defense of the village if I had to allocate this many men, but the remaining villagers and elves alone have more than enough strength to defend it. They’ve gotten really good.

I was worried about the position of Chem and the Bible when I chose the battle team. If I place the Bible in the village, I can activate the golem, so I can put all my strength into it. If they bring the Bible with them, I can help them with miracles during the battle. I had to decide whether to focus on offense or defense.

In the end, the villagers decided that Chem should join and take the Bible with them. The village had enough strength to defend itself. I thought it would be better that way, too. Now we have fences, watchtowers, and other defense equipment. In addition, after the Temptation of the Evil God, the monsters are quiet. As long as nothing serious happens, we should be fine.

“We’re going to have a couple of strategy meetings to prepare for the next three days, and then we’re going to go out. The schedule here is…………the day after tomorrow I’ll only be working in the morning. I’ll be off three days later, right?”

I’ll check the schedule. I had checked before the oracle, but if this was the wrong day, I would have to choose between having the oracle change the day of the attack or asking the president to give me the day off. I’d better get my work in order for the coming day. In preparation for tomor

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