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C90: Epilogue Volume 4

The voice of the God of Fate coming from my phone sounded both happy and somewhat sad.

“You’ve done a really good job. Thank you for stopping the God of Luck.”

“There’s nothing like being thanked by God……”

The key phrase “God of Luck” caught my attention, but I couldn’t decide if it was the right question to ask.

“I’m sure you’re aware of this, but……the God of Luck was behind this whole thing.”

I had always wondered if Chosokabe, who seemed to be a small man, could make it this far on his own. It was expected that he would have abused the miracle of the God of Luck.

“When you say God of Luck, you mean God of Fate’s follower, right?”

“……until he turned to the side of the Evil God in that battle.”

That battle is definitely the battle between the Evil God and the Lord God that took place a long time ago. The Lord God’s side was victorious and the defeated God was sealed in the depths of the earth as an Evil God.

“We followers came to Earth in the aftermath of a battle and lost most of our power. I already told you about the game……to survive, right?”

“Yes, I heard that story before.”

“I’ve had a private conversation with the God of Luck, thinking that now that we’ve both lost our powers, we can talk openly and I asked him why he had betrayed the Moon God, our master deity.”

That’s what I’m wondering too. It is somewhat understandable that the evil gods, like the God of Nature, betrayed the Evil God’s side by looking at the war situation and drifting to the advantageous side. But the opposite is…….

“The God of Luck said [I am the god of both good and bad luck. Because of this, I have been both pleased and resented by humans. Even so, I have behaved as a god. But I’ve had enough of humans. Thanking for good fortune is temporary. A lifetime of lamenting bad luck, even if it’s luck I’m not involved in] and smiled sadly.”

I understand what the God of Luck is trying to say. Winning the lottery or being lucky enough to survive an accident. Those people may be grateful to God in that moment. However, the gratitude is soon forgotten. How many of us live every day being grateful for the good fortune we have earned?

But when something bad happens, they blame it on bad luck instead of acknowledging the reality, saying, “It was just bad luck” or “It’s not my fault“…….Like I did when I failed to find a job.

“He wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say. When I tried to convince him that human beings were not worthless, he said, [Then prove to me in this game the brilliance of the people I’ve given up on.] So I used……Yoshio to show the God of Luck what humans could do.”

I found myself more satisfied than surprised by the exposé. Why did she choose such a man as a player of the God of Fate? She wanted to show the potential of humanity by rehabilitating a useless person. I guess that’s what she meant.

“The God of Luck used a man who was his player to test the recoverin

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