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C96: Revealing the truth

Makoto, who seemed stunned, observed the villagers on the PC until he regained his senses.

“You’re not lying, are you…………?”

Makoto let out a sigh as if his soul was slipping away and drank all the tea from the plastic bottle at once. He recovered enough to continue the conversation.

“If I were in Makoto’s position, I think it would be normal to be wary of me, thinking that I’m crazy. But it’s true.”

“Yes. I was a little confused, but when I compared it to the questions I had when I was playing this game, it made more sense.”

He shook his head several times and seemed to be talking to himself.

“But why did you tell me something so important?”

“There are several reasons. One is that it would be easier for us to work together if I revealed everything.”

If there were discrepancies in the information, we might end up holding each other back when the time came. Besides, I sometimes speak as Yoshio, who has been to that village, in the oracle, so there was a possibility that Makoto would be confused when he saw the oracle.

“Secondly, I didn’t want to lie to you.”

We are friends who will develop the village together. There is no harm in eliminating even the smallest distrust.

“Third, I had a favor to ask of…….In order to do that, you had to know the details.”

“A favor? Please say anything! I’ll do anything for you, Yoshio!”

Makoto is coming at me with a sniffle. Not as much as the villagers, but isn’t he lifting me up too much, sanctifying me too? I’m not as respectable as he thinks I am, so I’m uncomfortable when he gives me a sincere look.

I think it’s inevitable that if someone reaches out to you and lifts you up when you’ve been down, their reputation will skyrocket. This is especially true for a pure young man like him. However, I feel a little uneasy because I feel that this is more like dependence than respect.

“It’s nice that you trust me, but I’m not that great of a person.”


“I’d like it if you’d be a little easier on me, if you’d treat me like a friend, even though I’m a little older.”

“A friend? I’ll do my best!”

So it’s not something to get too worked up about. It seems like nothing I say will make a difference, but I’m sure that will change once he gets used to it.

“I’m sorry, I’ve gotten off track. I’d like to know if you’ve seen or heard anything around you or on the Internet that makes you feel uncomfortable.”


“Yes. As I mentioned earlier, it seems that players on the evil side are misusing the power of miracles. The people on the Lord God’s side are worried about it. I’ve been asked to let them know if anything happens.”

“I understand, I’ll be careful.”

Makoto believes that miracles are not to be misused, but being able to control supernatural powers is attractive to everyone. Even if you are on the side of the Lord God, you may still be tempted.

As a matter of fact, the God of Fate ha

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