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C97: A village that grows and me that is grown

The PC screen shows the usual scenery of the village. Let’s look for the five old-timers first. Maybe Chem will be there.

I use the mouse to move my viewpoint to the recently completed church. The church that my mouse arrow was pointing to was the most magnificent looking building in the village.

A wooden structure on a stone foundation with several large, long windows, and the double doors were carved with figures of animals and plants. It was the joint work of Ran, Kang and the elves. The church also serves as a shelter for the village, so it is very durable.

Looking at the interior of the church, a wooden statue of the God of Fate is enshrined at the back of the room lined with wooden couches.

“It’s looking great.”

The first statue was hand-carved by Gams, and was barely human-like in appearance. But this statue has a form that is worthy of being a work of art. I admire Kang and Ran craftsmanship.

“Thank you for allowing me to live in peace and health today.”

The person kneeling and praying in front of the statue is Chem. Many villagers gather here to pray at a certain time in the morning, but after noon, people rarely visit. Chem spends most of her time here when she is not working in the village. Therefore, the room is well cleaned, not a speck of dust in sight.

“You don’t have to work so hard, though.”

When she finished praying, she started to polish the floor with a rag as usual. I could have continued to watch the cleaning scene, but I was curious about the other villagers, so I shifted my perspective from the church.

As I proceeded westward along the main street of the village, I saw the remains of a cave that had been blown up by bombs. The scattered rocks of all sizes had been neatly removed, and a number of houses had been built on the site.

This is where the old members live. They used to sleep in wagons, moved to caves, lived in tents, and finally came to live in these wooden houses.

As expected, Lodis was at his desk doing some paperwork when I looked inside the red-roofed house. He seemed to be checking the list of what the villagers needed. The peddler, Doldold, is coming this weekend.

Next to him, Carol was asleep in her bed, probably tired from playing. I was proud of her for being able to sleep so soundly in such a vulnerable environment.

“Don’t get too carried away.”

“Oh, yeah. Thank you, Laila.”

He receives a glass of fruit juice from his wife and drinks it down with narrowed eyes. Laila looks at her husband and smiles. The couple is as close as ever. To be honest, I’m jealous.

“I’m going to take a break after I finish this. The population of the village has grown to over a hundred people. The more people we have, the happier I am, but on the other hand, there’s also a lot of problems that come up.”

“The new residents had a hard time with the elves and dark elves.”

The topic they talked about was t

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