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C95:Me and a junior

“Thank you for your time.”

After getting off the wagon with the new guy, I turned and bowed lightly. Today’s work started early in the morning and ended before noon, which was unusual for me, and I still had half a day left in the day.

It was June and the rainy season, but it was a sunny day, which made it easier for the wax to dry. Thanks to that, I was able to finish earlier than planned.

“Okay. Good bye.”

“Good bye.”

Mr. Yamamoto and the president replied in the same light tone as usual. Seeing this, the newcomer bowed deeply and stretched his voice as much as he could.

“Thank you for your time!”

You’ve got the youthfulness and energy of a newcomer at the forefront. I think……is a great thing, but six months ago I felt similarly.

“Are you sure you want to be here?”

“Yes, I am. I have plans to play with Yoshio at…….”

When the president heard this, he said, “Oh, you guys are so close. I’ll see you tomorrow then,” as he started the car. As Makoto said, I’m going to ask him to come to my room afterwards to play, or rather to talk.

“Shall we go to the convenience store and get some snacks and drinks?”

“Yes! “

“Don’t be so formal, okay?”

“No, Yoshio is a senior whom I respect in two ways.”

It’s nice to know that a junior colleague likes me, but I think he overestimates me. It’s been two months since we met, and he’s been like this ever since. The junior looks like a beautiful boy with thin lines, and he has a weak and quiet personality.

“Are you getting used to the job?”

“Oh, yes. A little bit, but I’m not so nervous anymore.”

He scratched his head as if he was embarrassed. It was a gesture that made me think of the word “cute,” even though I knew he was the same sex. It seems that Mr. Makoto used to be an idol chaser.

“True, you’re so cute! I think I’m going to be a fan……”

I can’t help but understand why he muttered to himself with a dangerous look in his eyes. He seemed to be concerned about his fine lines, and looked at the tall president with envy and respect.

“I was worried that you might be annoyed with me for forcing you to take the job.”

“No, I wasn’t! If I had been alone, I wouldn’t have been able to get out of that room for a long time, but Yoshio pulled me out.”

Then he looks up at me. If I turn this face to……I’m going to fall in one shot.

“You’re exaggerating.”

But I know exactly what he meant.

When you stay indoors, the hurdle to go outside rises little by little every day, and after a few years, it becomes too high to overcome on your own. The more serious you are, the more you regret and blame yourself.

If they have a chance, yes, a chance, there are people who can escape from being a recluse, an event that inspires them or if they have the help of someone like me. Knowing that it was unnecessary meddling, I invited Makoto, the player of the God of Nature, to work part-time. At first, he was confused and

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