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Zhuo Fan understood her and quickly said, “Now that we no longer have Steward Sun breathing down our necks, what does young miss intend to do next?”

“Uh, we were planning on seeking shelter at Cai Manor!” Captain Pang spoke before she could.

This captain of the guards no longer treated Zhuo Fan as a common servant, but of equal status.

“You should know that Cai clan’s young master has a marriage agreement with young miss.”

“Hmm, Windgaze City’s Cai clan?”

Zhuo Fan rubbed his chin, nodding.

According to this body’s memories, Cai clan was the best clan in the Windgaze City, of the same power as Luo clan. If he could hand over the Luo siblings to them, then the grudge would be settled and his heart demon lightened. Maybe it could even be dispelled.

Zhuo Fan nodded at this thought, “Alright, let’s go to the Cai clan.”

But not before he took one last look at Blackwind Mountain, mumbling, “I’ll be back.”

At the same time, in a dark cave atop Blackwind Mountain, a malevolent youth was on a large seat. His eyes were filled with cruelty as they flicked to his subordinate, “Any news of Steward Sun?”

“R-reporting to young lord, Steward Sun said he’d soon have the martial art.” The bandit was shaking like a leaf, fearing to even meet the youth’s eyes.

“Ha-ha-ha, withdraw.”

“Yes!” The bandit wiped the sweat from his head, not lingering one moment more if he could help it, from fear of being eaten.

The youth rose and moved behind the cover placed at the back of his seat. An old man laid there, glaring with fury at him. His lips trembled but no words came out.

The youth patted the man’s hand with a smile, “Master, be at ease, your friend left first and is waiting for you. Once Returning Dragon Palm arrives, I will reunite you two old friends.”

The old man’s eyes were bloodshot at this, as if wanting to eat him alive. Despite the constant trembling, he could do nothing else.

In response, the youth’s savage and vicious laughter echoed throughout the cave…

Windgaze City was the largest city in a hundred miles and a ten day-journey from the Luo clan. From fear of other bandits pursuing them, Zhuo Fan and the others sped up and reached it in five.

Once inside, the bustling of the city assaulted them while also bringing some comfort. All the tension accumulated over these past days seemed to seep from them.

Now that she was finally around other people, Luo Yunchang’s strained face finally revealed a smile.

“Yunhai, look there!” pulling his hand, she pointed at a juggling stall.

Captain Pang was happy to know the fall of the young miss’ clan didn’t put a damper on her spirits, “Brother Zhuo Fan, I seem to recall you never came to Windgaze City.”

Zhuo Fan just nodded.

Captain Pang was stunned at that.

Windgaze City’s bustle was famous around these parts. He recalled the last time he came here and was so excited he couldn’t sleep for three nights. Why was it that a home gro

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