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The heavy pressure pressed down on all and they flinched back again and again. Yet Huangpu Qingtian was still strolling forward, like a king on a mission!

The air was excruciatingly thick, hard to even breathe. The dread on everyone’s face only increased with every sound of Huangpu Qingtian’s steps.


It was on everyone’s mind, yet none dared say it.

Lin Xuanfeng, Yan Bangui, and You Yushan observed coldly. The stronger Huangpu Qingtian was, the more at ease they were, and respectful!

“Huangpu Qingtian, think this through, or you will suffer the consequences!” Dugu Feng wiped his brow.

Among his peers in Tianyu, Heaven-shaking Dragon Lord was the first to scare this leader of tigers.

Nodding, Huangpu Qingtian never missed a beat, “Relax, I’m not after you, the five tigers’ lives. I still have to show consideration for Marshal Dugu! As long as you come out unharmed, he will not charge into Regent Estate! So taking Luo clan’s young miss’ head with me won’t make that old geezer snap.”

The four tigers felt eerily afraid and worried.

Huangpu Qingtian was not only high on his horse, but quite astute as well, a schemer and plotter.

He grasped Dugu Zhantian’s bottom line, and knew when to stop just shy from it, even if he was about to cause a massacre.

Correct, Dugu Zhantian cared most about his five godsons. He was tough on them, true, but he cherished them dearly as well.

If anything were to happen to them, the old guy would flip and march his army regardless of consequences. Everyone had a bottom line, and the second of Four Pillars, Marshal of 3rd Army was no exception.

Even though Luo Yunchang was the dear sister of his fifth godson, not even for her would he go into action. She had nothing to do with him.

Knowing this, Huangpu Qingtian acted unrestrained and unfeeling to others.

“Young miss Luo, run! Go find the Marshal. You’ll be safe there. Go while we hold him off!” Dugu Lin whispered.

Luo Yunchang was worried for Luo Yunhai.

Dugu Lin said, “Don’t worry, Yunhai is our brother and godfather’s godson. Huangpu Qingtian won’t ever touch him. Go, we won’t be able to hold him for long!”

Luo Yunchang took one last look at her brother and nodded. She was relieved but still hesitant.

Just then, a soft hand grabbed her into a run. Looking back, it was actually Xue Ningxiang.

“Sister Luo, brother Zhuo always called me a burden! Let’s see him say that again after I save his clan’s young miss!” Xue Ningxiang stuck out her charming and cute nose as she smiled.

Seeing this cutie, Luo Yunchang’s worries drifted out of her.

She didn’t know how Zhuo Fan got to meet this girl, but the girl was like an angel, easing her worries…

Lin Xuanfeng snickered from afar, “Running, is it? Did you ask me first?”

“Wait, don’t sour the eldest young master’s mood!” You Yushan blocked him with a sneer.

He now realized that witho

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