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“Old Pang, stay here and look after them.” Zhuo Fan spoke behind him to Captain Pang and the young guards before walking on stage alone.

The crowd wondered, [Alone against Wan clan’s 20 strongest?] But then recalled that he had a title akin to the Six Dragons and One Phoenix and got excited at the prospect.

This was what everyone wanted to see. The extent of power one man possessed to make the seven houses pay so much attention to.

“Brother Zhuo, fingers crossed!” Xue Ningxiang cheered with an adorable face.

Staggering for a second there, Zhuo Fan waved back slightly with a smile.

Dong Xiaowan waved as well, but found him not even noticing her and was peeved, “Ning’er, are you and brother Zhuo close?”

“He saved my clan’s lives!” Xue Ningxiang nodded, but then found Dong Xiaowan gloomy and mumbled, “Uh, sister Wan’er, sorry…”

“It’s fine. He never even looked at me anyway.” Dong Xiaowan shook her head sullen.

Dong Clan Head gleaned something out of all of this and asked Dong Tianba, “Is that youth who I think it is?”

Dong Tianba nodded and sighed.

His sister had been lovestruck since back in Drifting Flowers City. Her crush never spared her a glance, while she pined for him every moment.

[I can’t tell if she is foolish or silly.]

“Darling, good luck! Crush them all!” A cute voice came from Drifting Flowers Edifices’ side and slammed into the ears of the audience. Xiao Dandan was practically jumping in her seat, gesticulating wildly to make sure he saw her.

Zhuo Fan held his head, [What’s this idiot doing here? Is Drifting Flowers Edifices so understaffed? How is she fit to join the seven houses’ final battle with her cultivation? Cannon fodder is more like it!]

Pulling Xiao Dandan back down, Peony Overseer cursed, “Why can’t you act proper instead of some lovesick maiden?”

“Humph, me and darling have already tied the knot. He’ll come around!” Xiao Dandan pouted, still clinging to her hope.

Sighing, Peony Overseer said. “This girl has lost it.”

On the other hand, Xie Tianyang was laughing his head off, using this chance to gossip with Xue Ningxiang, “Ning’er, see that? This punk is a womanizer. He got another one just like that! And I can attest to having seen them kissing in public myself… “

Xie Tianyang laughed inside, [Time to cash in on the scheme I cooked back in Drifting Flowers Edifices.]

Xue Ningxiang’s eyes were fixed on Zhuo Fan, having a sinking and uncomfortable feeling in her heart.

The looks Zhuo Fan got from the audience were odd, to say the least.

[This kid’s the bomb. He goes around the seven houses, spreading chaos and destruction, while not forgetting to sow the seeds of love!]

[Lady Killer Demonic Dragon is far more appropriate!]

“Steward Zhuo, you are a true man of mercy, to show such restraint in your travels!” Luo Yunchang towered behind Zhuo Fan with a sweet smile. And yet the killing i

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