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Chapter 284, Whipped



Ever since Chu Qingcheng got Huangpu Qingtian’s challenge, her team didn’t move from their spot, standing right next to the wood exit stone in the lush forest. Only the men under them were running to and fro in search of Zhuo Fan.

But even after nine days, none that returned was bearer of any good news. This only worked to sink their moods even lower, not knowing when they could turn this humiliation around.

It couldn’t go on for much longer or their morale would collapse. There was no point by then to drag this Esoteric Debate out and going back home would be most advisable.


Everyone sighed. Who knew the Esoteric Debate would be so cruel to them, to put their entire hopes on just one man?

The audience beyond the National Elemental Stone were looking quite eager. Be it Drifting Flowers Edifices, or Regent Estate, each hoped to see Huangpu Qingtian and Zhuo Fan duke it out, to see who was the real victor in this final battle.

“The wood stone exit is up ahead?”

“Yeah, Edifice Lord Chu is waiting there with the others.”

A familiar voice entered their ears. Their eyes lit up and were thrilled to see the Dong siblings leading Zhuo Fan over. Even Luo Yunhai, Xue Ningxiang and many others were there as well.

They were ecstatic as they surrounded them in an instant. Xie Tianyang was thrilled as well in his laughter, “Ha-ha-ha, you’re finally here. It’s good that you are all alright!”

[Ha-ha-ha, that’s how brothers that went through hell acts, happy to see each other. I am so happy I didn’t cross thousands of mile in vain. Have no fear. Now that I’m here, I’ll make it all better. See how your brother will show you his power and swag!]

Zhuo Fan smiled and opened his arms as he walked to Xie Tianyang.

Only to have his hand flicked away as the guy made a beeline for Xue Ningxiang and her brothers, “Ning’er, ever since we separated from the teleportation, I searched heaven and earth to find you. I was worried sick! I’m so relieved you’re okay…”

Xie Tianyang eased a breath that didn’t know he was holding. Zhuo Fan’s face twitched and snapped his cold eyes on the guy, “Xie Tianyang, you didn’t even care what might have happened to your dear brother?”

“You, a monster? I only care about myself, not you!” Snorted Xie Tianyang.

The others laughed at their antics. Zhuo Fan was royally pissed though, wishing nothing more than to kick him where the sun didn’t shine. [The least you can do is fake it, prick. Is this how a brother acts nowadays?]

[You damn bastard clearly don’t know the meaning of bros before women!]

Dong Tianba saw Zhuo Fan sulking and was reminded of Song Yu, “Ha-ha-ha, brother Zhuo, do you remember our chat in Drifting Flowers City? This is the kind of animal a man is. You’re just the same so try to understand.”

Glaring at him, Zhuo Fan didn’t speak his irritation, [I’m not some pit pony like you guys. I

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