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Dugu Zhantian had some soldiers take the wounded to the marshal’s residence for immediate treatment. Yet none of them noticed a spindly figure further away, watching them.

Upon closer look, one would identify him as Unwonted Contriver Leng Wuchang, Regent Estate’s steward!

Leng Wuchang twirled his mustache as he kept watching, Zhuo Fan in particular, “This kid is not as heartless as I thought…”

It had been six hours since they arrived at the marshal’s temporary residence in Dragon Cloud City. Time in which the wounded were placed in a side wing and administered pills.

Luo Yunchang and Ning’er, the only ones who came out unharmed from this ordeal were the caretakers. As for Zhuo Fan, he was there as well, expressing his heartfelt thanks to his three paralyzed allies.

“Thank you all for such hard work. If it weren’t for your help, our clan’s line would’ve been severed!” Zhuo Fan held each of their hands.

Long Jie and Long Kui felt odd seeing the kind and gentle smile on his face.

They had been arduous in cultivating these past five years, just so they could bridge the gap between them and this monster. And yet he just showed up and instead of getting closer, they had only fallen farther behind.

Even though this guy was still a shameless Bone Tempering cultivator, how could his power be classified as one?

As this was Long Xingyun’s first time seeing this freak in the flesh and in action, he was quite moved, “Brother Zhuo, now I see what my father was thinking. Only after seeing you have I realized how much time I’ve been wasting.”

“Sigh, youth is wasted on the young. But even so, you should live your life to the fullest and take some time off to enjoy it. Ha-ha-ha, don’t take it to heart!” Zhuo Fan patted his shoulder.

But the more he paid attention the more Long Xingyun felt it was fake. [Is this your way of consoling me?]

Xie Tianshang’s eyes were filled with fighting spirit, wishing nothing more than to jump on his legs and have a go with the man, “Zhuo Fan, once I’m healed, how about we have a match?”

Zhuo Fan blinked, completely not getting what he was going for, “We just met and never have I gotten on your bad side, so why do you want to fight me?”

“Ignore him. My elder brother is a martial fanatic. He wants to fight any expert that catches his eye!” Xie Tianyang jabbed. Having known Zhuo Fan for so long, he had no qualms whatsoever.

Zhuo Fan nodded, [Ah, another one. I see, I see. Just like Elder Li. It’s best that I keep my distance.] He wasn’t so idle as to waste time sparring with a martial fanatic every day.

So Zhuo Fan gave him a wide berth, going over Xie Tianyang.

“Hey, wait, you didn’t answer me…”

Xie Tianshang watched Zhuo Fan with a fervent gaze. He was sorely wishing right now that he could just jump and exchange hundreds of moves with Zhuo Fan. But would Zhuo Fan listen? He treated martial fanatics as basket ca

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