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Two figures flashed among the clouds. They were Zhuo Fan and Li Jingtian on their way to Thunder Swarm Mountain.

“Elder Li, how much longer?” Zhuo Fan rubbed his Thunder Ring.

Li Jingtian calculated, “By my estimates, we should arrive in three days!”

“Good!” Zhuo Fan flapped his wings and tripled his speed, “The faster we get there, the better!”


Then, a sudden attack came at them in the form of a shadow. Zhuo Fan had no time to stop, about to smash into it.

Li Jingtian intervened, however, and grabbed Zhuo Fan’s neck. He then placed Zhuo Fan behind him, but the shadow sped straight for them.

“Ghostly Dragon Claw!” Li Jingtian shouted.


With a devastating sound, the shadow was sent flying while Li Jingtian stood unphased, tall and proud. Yet he couldn’t stop his red hand from shaking.

“Elder Li, are you alright?”

Zhuo Fan looked on carefully, while Li Jingtian was frowning, “Don’t worry. That item is a spiritual weapon, most likely a 5th-grade one. If not for being a body cultivator, I might’ve ended up dead.”

Sighing, Zhuo Fan nodded, then breathed easier.

“Hi-hi-hi, you must be someone to have blocked my 5th-grade spiritual weapon, the bone staff with your bare hand. It looks like I caught myself a big fish!”

A creepy snicker accompanied the appearance of a man not hundred meters from the pair, holding a black item in his hands.

Under a closer look, Zhuo Fan could see that the black item was a two meter long black staff with a human skull at the ends. The wielder however was a hideous pygmy. The evil air wafting from him made one’s nerves tighten!

“3rd layer of Radiant Stage!” Zhuo Fan’s eyes widened as he and Li Jingtian cried at the same time.

The pygmy was excited all of a sudden and gesticulated in joy, “Hi-hi-hi, now you know how great I am so be good and surrender and I may be kind enough to spare your miserable lives!”

“Humph, a mere 3rd layer of Radiant Stage expert dares show off before me?” Li Jingtian stomped forward and released his mighty power.

The pygmy was cowered back again and again by the display and gasped, “What, you’re in the 6th layer?”

“Ha-ha-ha, how the hell did you live so long to reach the 3rd layer of Radiant Stage when you attack without even scouting your opponent first?” Zhuo Fan mocked, “It’s my turn to ask the questions. Who are you and why did you attack us?”

The pygmy cackled after sparing Zhuo Fan a second glance, “Ha-ha-ha, a puny 5th layer of Bone Tempering cultivator thinks himself worthy of hearing your grandpa’s name?”

“You little shit that is neither human nor monster, dares to call yourself my grandpa?” Zhuo Fan’s face was vicious as he glared, “Elder Li, no more questions. Deal with this midget and let’s be on our way!”

“With pleasure!”

Li Jingtian had long found this pygmy’s attitude annoying. [Zhuo Fan shows off because he is the steward of

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