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Chapter 266, Rage



Shameless humiliation!

The faces of the four were aflame, wishing they could go out fighting, and yet they kneeled there without a peep.

Why were they here anyway? Did they come here only to get humiliated?

Luo Yunchang sighed and glanced at Zhuo Fan.

Zhuo Fan looked crazed in his enjoyment, shouting, “Why are you still here? Get lost already!”

Cai Rong’s group shook their heads and left, but not before they heard Zhuo Fan sinking one last insult, “Do it like dogs! What are you standing around for when you’re not even humans?”

Shuddering, the four bit their lips fiercely. Zhuo Fan was towering over them with his mighty air and arrogance yet all they could do was suffer.

He was just that strong!

Cai Rong wept as he crawled away with the other three. Their image in the evening sun struck the picture of degradation, of stray dogs begging for mercy.

Zhuo Fan barked on and on, trying to dispel that queer rage completely.

People watched Zhuo Fan being thorough in humiliating these four, leaving them without a shred of dignity. The more they saw, the greater their fear of Zhuo Fan became.

They said a warrior could be killed but not shamed. And yet when these Clan Heads watched such naked display of abuse and mockery, they felt it was even worse than having their entire clan wiped out.

Because visiting the Underworld may be cruel and sad, but all clansmen would meet again in the afterlife. While the shamed would have to live on with this disgrace, in this nightmare built by harsh and cruel words, a fate worse than death.

While Zhuo Fan was raining curses, his every word stung Xue and Dong clan like daggers.

[Are we dogs or warriors?]

[The Luo clan had Zhuo Fan as their pillar that even the seven houses regarded with importance and thus they could maintain their integrity.] While to the average clan in this word, not being dogs would end up becoming their destruction. How could one have integrity when his entire existence was threatened?

Oftentimes they never wished to rise above their station, simply to survive. That was why they had integrity on the surface, while acting like dogs through their actions.

Just that these two clans were lucky enough to get a good master, Drifting Flowers Edifices and Sword Marquise Abode. Unlike how the cruel Hell Valley treated their vassals.

So they may be dogs, but could venture in calling themselves dogs with pedigree.

Taking deep breaths, Xue Clan Head and Dong Clan Head glanced at each other then shook their heads. Zhuo Fan and Luo clan were worlds apart from them…

“Steward Zhuo, calm down. Why are you so angry? It’s not worth stressing yourself over this.” Captain Pang came to Zhuo Fan with a smile.

Zhuo Fan shrugged, his face calm, “I’m fine. I am not one to get angry over the likes of them. They are not worth it. I only abused them since it worked to show off my

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